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Message Board - Official B5 Web Site???


Lately, whenever I go to "the Official Babylon 5 Web Site" and click on "Message Boards" I get back the message "web site not responding." Has this site gone off line??

Are you speaking of the TNT site? If so, that site has been shutdown from what I understand.
Since I have yet to visit the 'official' site, this is just what I have heard from friends. Go to sci-fi.com where you should be able to find a B-5 section.


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The official Warner Bros. site is a mess. Slow servers, it tends to either "eat" posts or add them twice and it errors out all the time. Also they tend to reorganize it without notice, and sometimes they forget to update their own internal links. For all these reasons it tends to get very little traffic. I mostly stop by to direct newbies to better boards.

If you tried to get to it from a link at another site, odds are you hit an outdated URL. For some reason (probably having to do with the crap software they use) I've never been able to create a shortcut that took me directly to the B5 forum. The best I can do it get to the "front page" of the message board section, then click the Babylon 5 link. Usually I get an error and have to do this two or three times before I get to the board itself. I've posted the message board front page link in case anyone is curious or brave enough to try it.

One thing that I keep forgetting: The WB software is similar to UBB, but to close a tag you use [ : ] instead of [ / ]. Also it won't translate
as a smiley. Their codes are things like :grin:. (There are a bunch of them on the bottom of the posting screen that you can click on, but they won't insert at the place where the cursor is, they just get appended to the end of the message.)

Anyway, here's the link:




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Thanks Joe, I was hoping you would reply because if anyone knew, I was sure it would be you. I tried your first address which brought me to the WB Message Board and went to the right hand column and clicked on Babylon 5 and - surprise - I was there. There were only a few message new to me and I haven't been there for days so I guess others are also having trouble. Prior to the "troubles" I just typed Babylon 5 and clicked go and I went directly there. The top of that screen read Warner Bros. online - Welcome to Offical Babylon 5 Web site. But again, just now, that particular route didn't work - and I got the message - error: web site not responsing. Can I ask you what other sites you recommend for those of us infected with the B5 bug? Thanks again for your expertise. StarStuff

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Thanks again Joe - I visited your site and saved the info you recommended.

God be between you and harm in all the empty places you must walk.
oh yea forgot...last time i went to WB..i tried to post, I aged 3 years...and got grayer hair...

Feel lucky. I'm only 20 and I've been losing my hair for 3 years now.

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