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Mergy Sci-fi races??



Have you ever wondered what kind of story you'de get if you put some of the more popular Sci-Fi races togetehr in one plot line. Say Babylon-5, Star Trek, and Star Wars. I think one with the right political, cultural, and military understanding could make a great story out of that. You'd have much more races to work with along with their ships and stuff. I think it'd be kool to just see how the intereaction, and story would be with the Minbari Federation, Earth Alliance, Centauri Republic, Narn Regime, Non-Allighned worlds, Vorlon Empire, Shadows, Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, Cardasian Union, Dominion, Borg, Galactic Republic, and such. I think that would make a great story! Was wondering what kind of imput you can give on that idea?
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by greatone2002:
<font color=yellow>...Was wondering what kind of imput you can give on that idea?</font color=yellow><hr></blockquote>

It's damn near impossible to do.
Um. I think militarily the B5 races save maybe the Minbari ISA Vorlons and Shadows would fare poorly against the ST and SW races due to their lack of shield tech.
I was actually thinking the opposite. True shied techology is nice and all but the Star Trek races lack armor, they rely way to much on there shields for protection, once shields are down one hit usually takes them out. I'd rather have armor any day, they're shield simply assorbs weapons till they cant no more, Were as armor can stop many hits without loosing integrity. Plus B5 weapons are much stronger then they're weapons. Star wars at least the Empire (or republic) i think is pretty much the equivelent of any B5 races except is much bigger, probely around the size the Centauri used to be.
But Star Destroyers have tough hulls and really tough shield. Their turbolasers could rip open a Vorchan and thir ion cannons can give them their advantages over all but the Shadows.
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Tigara:
<font color=yellow>But Star Destroyers have tough hulls and really tough shield. Their turbolasers could rip open a Vorchan and thir ion cannons can give them their advantages over all but the Shadows.</font color=yellow><hr></blockquote>

The ion cannons would have no effect on the vorlon ships either and possible the whitestars. I think the stardestroyers would be easy prey for mimbari crusiers. 2 seconds of slicer beam attacks would leave the stardestrory disected.
what i never understood in star trek was shields. If it's just an energy field meant to deflet weapons why does it lose power. It doesn't make sence. If i had a force field and you threw a rock at it and it bounced off my field shoould not be any weaker... it's the same field. Ugh i hate bad science
Get through the shields and then we'll talk. About shield drainage. I think it has to do with strain on the power generators.
The Star Destroyers would be for sure the toughest things in the galaxy, no doubt about that. But i think they're around the same as a Minbari Cruiser, probely a little tougher.Which mean like 3 or 4 Omega's should be an even fight with a Star destroyer.

As For shields their are many type of shields that i've found in sci-fi. Both Star Wars and Star Trek seem to use the shields that rather then reflect or redirect weapons they absorb them intill they cant take no more. Which mean enough hits would take them down. Now the Vorlons for example use EM shields which do redirect, or reflect weapons which is the kind i'd like to have. And if you know anything about Centauri tactics you'll never see a lone Vorchan, the Star Destroyer would be lucky to face off with as few as a squadrant of those little ships which would be a threat.
It was an example. A single turbo volley could wreak havoc in a Vorchan formation. I know a lot about Vorchans. Imp. ion cannons could disable anyone they meet though.
What about the Death Star Vs. A Shadow or Vorlon Planet killer?
There is no point in comparing them. Just one example: what about hyperspace? We are talking of different laws of <font color=yellow>imaginary physics</font color=yellow> combined with different laws of real physics. Such a comparison cannot yield anything useful. Science fiction is not a contest for describing the biggest possible gun.
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr> But it's fun! Don't be a spoil sport because of physics. <hr></blockquote>

The golden rule of Sci-Fi!
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Mike G:
<font color=yellow>The golden rule of Sci-Fi!</font color=yellow><hr></blockquote>

The golden rule of scfi is for it to be good.
A golden rule for all fiction is consistency. Comparing technical details of different imaginary universes is pretty far from that. But comparing social details is rather adequate, at least in my opinion.
In the Centari vs the Empire debate I diged up some stats to try to add fule to the fire. Acording to WW.B5tech.com I know their stats are not always right but i could not find another stats site for B5) a Vorchan class crusier has:
2 Ion Cannons
16 Twin Particle arrays
12 Missiles Pulse Cannons
Energy mines [1 launcher]

The Primus class warship has:
8 Ion Cannons
4 Battle-Laser Cannons
4 Light Pulse Cannons
2 Missile Launchers
1 Mass Driver [optional]
12 Sentri fighters

According to the starwars website there are two types of Imperial Star Destroyers (not counting the Super Star Destroyers, or the Eclips class Star Destoryer).

The original Imperial class has:
60 turbolaser batteries
60 ion cannon batteries
10 tractor beam projectors
72 Tie fighters
8 Lambda shuttles (10 lasers on it)

The Imperial-II Star Destroyer is an upgraded model with increased hull shielding, and more weapons that has:
100 turbolaser,
20 ion cannons,
and 10 tractor beam projectors
72 Tie fighters
8 Lambda shuttles (10 lasers on it)

I remeber from a tech manual that they also both have about 100 efensive turrets and 2 missle launchers.

The main issues of of compairing two universes is are the Ion cannons. In the Star Wars univers ion cannons are used to quickly wear down sheilds (its faster than using laser cannons) and to disable ships without damaging them. So it is mainly a non-leathal weapon used to help capture ships intactact. In an episode of Baylon 5 G`kar says to a narn he just got into trouble for fighting with a centari "If you want to fight for our people try joining the military and doing it with a centari ion cannon pointed at your head!". This implies that the ion cannons of the B5 universe are just another deadly energy weapon. Another factor ius that there are two types of sheilds in the starwars universe. Ray sheilds which only are effective against energy weapons, they are useless against solid objects. Partical Sheilds (dont remeber if they are called that) only protect against matter. They can not be used togather.

To match the firepower of an Imperial Star Destroyer you would need about 5 Vorchans. To match the number of fighters you would need 6 Primus crusiers. Against an Imperial II you would need about 9 Vorchans.

If I were a centari putting togather a a battle group to take out a Star Destroyer I wold build it with 6 Vorchans and 6 Primus. I would begin the attack with an ultra long range bombardment using the 6 Primus' mass drivers after I already launched my fighters. Sheilds or not, those few shots that do hit their target are going to do a lot of damage. In response the star destroyer would launch its fighters as it tried to either pull back or push forward to get them in weapons range. Next I would move the fighters and Vorchans to engage the TIEs and intercept the stardestroyer. The fighter battle would be an even match. The star destroyer would how be trying to divivde its firepower against 12 targets. The stardestroyer is soon itself destroyed. The centari capitol ships and now add their firepower to the fighter battle. Victory goes to the centari battle group.

Now a Super Star Destroyer is a messyer story since Its front arc was covered by 200 heavy and light turbolaser batteries, 50 concussion missile launchers, 100 ion cannons, and 20 tractor beam projectors. Its side arcs each boasted coverage by 75 light turbolaser batteries and 50 heavy turbolaser batteries, as well as 75 missile tubes, 50 ion cannons and 10 tractor beam projectors. The rear arc, traditionally the least defended area of a vessel, had an impressive weapons array of 50 heavy turbolaser batteries, 50 missile tubes, and 50 ion cannons.

Have to go to the store now I will addd this up later.
Mass drivers aren't stanard equipment. They are optional. One could only hope an asteroid field is in close proximity just for ammo becuse it is straining to tote around an asteroid and there isn't a magazine. The asteroids are slow. One turb blast could destroy each one(Empire Strikes Back on screen evidence) Turbo lasers are very long ranged too. They could be taking pot shots all the time a the Vorchans as they approach.

Also, I have no clue where B5tech got the 16 twin particle arrays. You never see them. An ion cannon on the Vorchan is simply a plasma accelerator. Not too innovative. Plus they are close ranged because of the fact that plasma degrades in a period of time. The destroyer could deal with the Vorchans at range.

The fighter battle is debateable. An individual Sentri is better than a tie but they are outnumbered 4 to one. Meanwhile TIE bombers are firing their torps(as well as the destroyer) and Skipray blastboats are using their starship grade ion cannons on the Primuses.

Now, the Primuses. Their lasers could be a major thorn. So and Imperial commander would use his faster Hyperdrive to get out instead of fighting 12 ships.

Plus, according to The book "Spectre of the Past" by Timothy Zahn(the most respected beleived Star Wars author) at its hight the Empire had 250,000 Star Destroyers both I and II class. The Earthers have around 20,000 ships and it is known that they have more ships than the Centauri. Stats say the imps win

BTW The Imperial ion cannon is unhindered by shields. It instantly penetrates and to block it one must remodualte one's shields making one's self vunerable to turbolaser fire.