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Melissa Gilbert


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I think Melissa Gilbert is a very attractive actress, and she plays a great Anna Sheridan. What does everyone else think? (And remember, this is not NC-17 :D)
I have always enjoyed Melissa Gilbert as an actress. Not only is she very pretty (this coming from a woman) she is also very talented. I grew up watching her on Little House, but enjoyed her as she matured and started playing in other movies.
I grew up watching Little House too. I found her to be not very attractive as a girl, but as she became a woman she has gotten very attractive! ;)

Oh, and she's an evil Anna Sheridan. :devil: :LOL:
Very good actress. Very intelligent as well. I'm happy that she's President of SAG. I'm glad that she's pres. now rather than earlier, when my ex-bf and I parked in front of her house. *LOL* That was our big Hollywood trip. Her house was the only one that we sought out that was listed in the Hollywood Tourguide. When we were there, I saw a van parked in the driveway (I think, could have been a truck? fuzzy memory) and I remember being able to match it to a picture I saw earlier of Bruce and his van (sorry if I got that wrong *L*) outside of a bookstore. Very, very cool indeed.

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