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Well, I just got done watching the first episode of Medium on NBC (at 10 pm eastern). It was very nice. :D I tend to like psychic-type shows sometimes (I was a very big fan of the considerably short-lived NBC show The Others about a group of psychics several years ago and was upset when it was cancelled).

Medium was good, and if you like mysteries with a bit of a twist from standard mystery shows, you might like this. The next episode is going to be shown this Thursday at 10 pm, and then again next Monday, which is supposed to be its regular night.
I saw this last night, and although it doesn't have me hooked as yet, I'll watch the next couple of episodes.

I did find it unusual that in the first episode there was no 'origin story' phase. She was aware of her powers from the beginning.
Well,... (first episode spoilers ahead)






The first episode did briefly touch on her abilities being something she's had since she was a little kid in that scene where she talked to that other psychic at the beginning. With the previews for one of the upcoming episodes shown at the end last night of one of her kids seemingly having developed a similar ability, maybe we'll get more on her own time as a little kid when her abilities first manifested.

Spoilers End.
I haven't seen it, or heard much about it. I have just one question, does she talk like Christopher Walken? My interest..it hinges... on your Answer?
I like it but can't quite put my finger on why. It's not obvious which direction it'll take and I like that openess. I just like the style of the thing I guess.
I looked this over. "Hmmm," I thought. "A show about a psychic. Some potential for real drama, real paranormal stuff too.... it'll never last."
Ok, the hell? When they showed ads for Medium at the end of the episode on Monday, I got the impression from the ads that the next episode was tonight and then another on Monday. Well, I turned it on, and it's just a repeat of the first episode. Thanks for the screwing.
I enjoyed it. I'll be watching it again to see where it goes. I love Patricia Arquette anyway. I imagine they'll go more into her background in future episodes.