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Matters of perspective



I have now finished the second chapter of my story, and realized how difficult it can be if you want to weave in a few details which should be noticed later, plan a story consisting of numerous parts. Only two chapters, and I already found a little continuity error. Guess I have to draw a flowchart and some diagrams to plan it better.

So here's a link to the table of contents. The new chapter is titled "Matters of Perspective". Each story has its lighter and darker sides. Depending on how you look, this might be one of the latter.

Her Pet Shadow

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I have to say... things have taken an interesting turn. This Shadow is a curious creature indeed.

And of course the battle in the end was captivating.

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Lennier, this fic is really wonderful and I can't wait to see more. I have to agree with Kribu, the Shadow is very interesting.

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What a wonderful holiday treat! Thanks Lennier!

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