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Matrix Revolutions (poss spoilers?)


I just saw the trailer for this today at LXG (slightly silly, but extremly fun). In the trailer, we see the Zionites getting ready to fight the machines that were burrowing in the last film.

Forgive me if I didn't understand Reloaded; but wasn't Zion destroyed at the end of that film?
No, they had a day or two before the machines would get down that far. I believe the battle in the end of Reloaded took place at a junction point in attempt to hold them off.
You are quite correct the battle of which took place was not in Zion but in one of the passageways leading to Zion. In the battle, almost all of the humans ships were destroyed which was one of main defenses for Zion. If you look at on of the trailers closely you can see when it shows the screen showing the code of the matrix in the first three frames on the left screen it shows Mr. Smith in code. :devil:

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