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Matheson spotted in "24"

Matheson spotted in \"24\"

Haven't seen anyone mention it here, but it was cool to see Daniel Dae Kim backing up Jack Bauer in episode 10 of 24 on Sunday (UK).

As my wife noted - "nice to see him playing a good guy again", after his stint as an evil lawyer (what do you mean that's all of them?) in Angel.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Re: Matheson spotted in \"24\"

You'll see Kim for a few episodes. He's been popping up quite a bit lately in recurring roles! Good for him.

Gary Cole also does voices for "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law" on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim."

Re: Matheson spotted in \"24\"

Not only is the actor who played Matheson in crusade in 24, 24 also has a character called MAtheson (Psycho Dad)..

Must be a conspiracy
Re: Matheson spotted in \"24\"

I also caught him in an NYPD Blue rerun on TNT recently. He played the pain-in-the-ass son of a murder victim, a racist asshole who was rich, but not 1/10th the man his grocery-store owner old man was. I thought he did a good job, because by the end of the episode I was hoping someone would throw him down the stairs. :)