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Matheson Sneaking Around


I was watching The Path of Sorrows the other day, and it ocurred to me... Matheson might know of Galen's grief over Isabelle. It's just the way when he went over to Galen at the end and said "I know", it just seemed that he was saying without saying to Galen that he knew what his problem was. Lets face it, we know telepaths find it hard to block strong emotion, and Matheson only just left the room before Galen was in range, so even if he wasn't deliberately snooping he probably picked up on it.

The question is does Galen know that he knows?

I actually think Matheson was trying to be kind, but if someone walked into your mind where you hid your deepest pain, I don't think you'd be too impressed whatever the other persons motivations were. Lets face it, Galen didn't react too well when the alien snowglobe dweller turfed up his memories.

"We Live for the One. We die for the One!"
I didn't read that as Matheson knowing the Specifics of Galen's pain.

Just that he knew and understood that Galen Was in Pain.

And he understands because he has his own pains.
When he escaped from PsyCorps just before the leadership was destroyed, he knew that He was responsible for every death.
He allowed it to happen.
Some of the people who died were undoubtedly Friends.
Friends he couldn't save.
Friends he had just found out were guilty of comitting mass murder.

The 3 most common elements in the Universe:
Hydrogen, Greed, Stupidity!

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