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Mass Effect

Is a whole lot like B5:evil: Agree?

Also, can anyone tell me of any B5 video games ever released? I have searched and found only a project in 1998 that was cancelled, something like Wing Commander.

Is there anything B5 out there in the video game world ? I just started Mass Effect 2, got him looking like Sinclaire so that will do for now :evil:
Has anyone here played Mass Effect 1 2 or 3? The more I play the more I find strong similarities with b5, the writer of the games story MUST have been a B5 fan.

It's no understatment to say Mass Effect is ALMOST a direct copy!:evil:

(edit: sorry if this is in wrong the section)
So uhm... what makes you think that Mass Effect is like Babylon 5? Aside from saying so, you haven't given any real similarities. I've played all three games, and I haven't made too many correlations between the two.
City sized diplomatic space station in the middle of nowhere.

Alliance = Earth Alliance

Spectres = Rangers

Reapers = Shadows

Space Battles...

The Alliance military Uniforms in ME3 made me think of the EA ones in B5.

The Quarian space suits made me think of the Gaim...
All of what Demon said.

Shepard is a lot like Sinclair and Sheridan with his one liners and decisions.

The music is quite Christoher Franke'ish.

The amount of races, features, the different personalities aliens have and relationships between each other, emphisis on the ship being the central point of attention rather like Babylon station.

Any Babylon 5 fan should play this game! :evil:

And.. Are you serious when you can see any similarity?:eek:
I was looking for direct similarities, not glances. I mean, we could rehash the old "B5 vs. DS9" routine again, but I think we all know how that plays out ;)

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