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My favorite working comic in the world is Louis C.K. He's just amazing. I've seen live a bunch of times, heard him on the radio, seen him on T.V, and he constantly kills. The most impressive thing about him is that he's the only comic ever to do brutally funny material about having children. But his best material is about life and death and being fat and yes it's very adult language.

He had a TV show on HBO called Lucky Louis and it was amazing and canceled.

Now he has a new show on FX called Louie and it premiered this week with two episodes and I was floored at how original and funny its best moments were. It's a weird format- there's stand-up and sketches, but not regular cast members.

The opening scene of the second episode, where he's playing poker with a bunch of other comics, and talking about gay sex stuff is brilliantly funny and actually sensitive and informative about the feelings of gay people. This is the best thing on TV right now and you should check it out.

Here's a clip (that starts with a bit that Dane Cook stole, btw). Take the time to youtube a bunch of clips, though.


I like Louis CK. Never seen him live but I really liked Lucky Louie. Funny how they always cancel the good shit isn't it? I knew he had a new show coming out but didn't know what channel or even when it was starting. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the post.
Just got around to watching the first episode of this, gotta say I was really impressed. It is a very "New York" show though, almost to the point I wonder if it might not play as well in other parts of the country/world.
It plays just fine right here in Indiana! He's actually coming into town next Thursday night for a comedy show, but I'll be out of town for a wedding. :(
That's a shame. I have never seen him live, but if he's half as good live as he is on TV then it must be an amazing show.
I have seen Rick Crom live though, the gay guy from the poker game in the second episode. He came out on stage and goes "Think of me as the gay uncle you never had. And if you did have him, I can assure you I had him first..." *rimshot*
Being a privileged elitist New Yorker (who now lives in New Jersey, but close enough), I've seen a few times, and yes he is that good live.

He also had a concert film called Hilarious that was at some festival and no available on DVD.

The NY thing shouldn't be a problem- if Woody Allen was able to make a career out of it.