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LotR showing in Canada


I just saw this on the B5 mod newsgroup:

Although I'm in the States, I run a couple of web sites about Canadian TV
dramas, so I keep an eye on the Canadian TV listings. I just noticed that
Bell ExpressVu is airing "In the Beginning" today on pay per view. In
checking the ExpressVu web site, I discovered that they're airing all the
movies (including LotR) this month, and giving away soundtrack albums to 25
lucky viewers. (Looks like you get one entry every time you order a movie.)

For more information, go to www.bell.ca and slog through the choices till
you get to the PPV part of the ExpressVu site. (Why you can't just go to
www.expressvu.ca any more is beyond me, but you have to start at the main
Bll Global site.) Basically, once you choose your province, click on
Personal, then Satellite TV, then Vu! Movies. There are a couple of
announcements about the contest on the main Vu! page.

Good luck!


Hope our friends to the North get to see and like this movie /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Who knows, if enough people order through Pay Per View and the numbers are higher than other shows of this type, it could (wishful thinking) cause the Scifi to reconsider. /forums/images/icons/mad.gif

I know I am dreaming, but a little dreaming never hurt.


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