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Has anyone else seen the Lost network pilot (i.e. it'll be on file sharing networks, but the actual show doesn't air until September in the US).

Either way, I recommend it to anyone.

I was sceptical, thinking it wasn't my thing. The broad premise I knew: a plane crashes, people are stranded on an isalnd. I then expect people catching fish, skinning rabbits, building huts and leaders being chosen.

And indeed while some of that sort of happened, and is bound to happen in the series, I'm glad it wasn't overly so.

But I got really engrossed in it, and was certainly left wanting more. It's not the clear-cut programme that I thought it would be (I won't say anymore, you can wait and see). But I suppose the fact that Alias isn't any normal spy drama, maybe this won't just be any old castaway.

(For those that don't knw, it's created and written by J. J. Abrahms who created Felicity and Alias).

It was nice to see Emilie De Ravin and Ian Somerhalder. There's a good mix of characters. And with the exception of one *really* hammy acting moment, it's very good.

The plane crashing stuff... well, it was certainly testing my hypnotherapy that I'm having to cure my fear of flying!

All in all: watch it. Roll on September, I'm curious to where this show goes.
The plane crashing stuff... well, it was certainly testing my hypnotherapy that I'm having to cure my fear of flying!

So I take it that you've neer gone out of your way to see the movie Alive. :eek: :eek: :devil:
You don't Antony.

I've never seen it except for some clips of the crash. I really don't like disaster movies, too many innocent people die. I don't watch 'Towering Inferno', 'The Posiden Adventure', 'Titanic' and the like.

Give me a good violent movie where the bad guys all die horrible lingering painful deaths. :devil:
Not heard of that one. Probably don't want to. :)

Suffice to say that a plane crash is central to the premise and it is based on a true story. However, the plane crash is not sensationalistic bit that got the book a huge amount of coverage back in the 1970's.

People with "issues" regarding air travel are in one of the several groups of people who should probably avoid that movie.


Rugby team in plane crash on top of Snowy mountains. Some die.

Cold, more die.

Hungry, eat the dead.

Small group manages to walk out of mountains, rest who are still alive and not dinner saved.

The end.
This is actually a series that I'll probably start watching, at least to start off with. If it starts going downhill or getting rediculously stupid, I'll quit watching it, but for now I plan on watching it. The previews and Antony's viewing has intrigued me.
It seems to me that J.J.Abrahams it's a man with many talents.
I don't know about Felicity (and don't want to).
But I'm big fan of Alias and after I watched this pilot I'm very impressed.
He knows how to hold you with your eyes on the screen.
He also composed the main theme for Alias and will direct Mission Impossible 3. Not bad.

Saw part 1 of the pilot last night, very impressive.

Dominick Monagan, Daniel Dae Kim and Emily De Ravin (Tess from Roswell) were all familiar faces that were nice to see in a TV Series. I even enjoyed seeing Mathew Fox in, and he really got on my nerves in Party of Five.

Very much looking forward to next week to see where it goes from here.
I watched this too, and I'm happy to say I liked it and will continue to watch it. Please don't tell me there's a dinosaur on the island. :D
I totally forgot about this program being on. Well, actually I never knew when it was coming on, but I missed it either way.
From ScifiWire News Briefs

ABC's SF thriller series Lost premiered Sept. 22 to strong ratings, dominating its timeslot with the best young-adult rating for a drama premiere on any network in four years, Variety reported. Lost scored a 6.8 rating among adults 18-49 and attracted 18.65 million viewers overall, winning its 8 p.m. timeslot in every ratings category from kids to 50-plus.

Looks like, we have something we like, that's quality, that is popular and getting ratings, Cool. Hopefully, when it turns really strange (Which I understand the strangeness has only been barely tapped in the first part of the pilot), we'll still like it, and the ratings will still be up.
This series is going to be strange, no doubt, but I am really looking forward to seeing what happens. I hope it gets renewed.
And Lost was the hgihest rated new drama for ABC in 8 years, and the highest rated new (non-spinoff) drama in the US for 5 years.
I just got done watching the second episode and it's still holding my interest.


I can see several different story arcs beginning to form now. First off, it's extremely weird for a polar bear to be on the island and I'm looking forward to finding out how and why it's there.

Now we have have the marshall and prisoner, the drug addict, and a poor lost little doggy, and to top it off, it appears there may be another person that's been stranded on the island for years.

I'm still looking forward to watching it and seeing how much weirder it's going to get.

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