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Lost: "White Rabbit" (spoilers)


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Lost: \"White Rabbit\" (spoilers)

As per usual,



A nice episode, though it didn't have as much of an impact on me as last week's ep. I can't really think about too much to comment on about it. It was nice. More flashback of the past, but I'm wondering if the fear of leadership theme was a bit too pronounced, and don't get me started on the theme of "following the white rabbit" (I really find allusions to Alice In Wonderland to grate my nerves).

I liked how kind Charlie was to Claire (the druggie rock star and the pregnant woman, in case you have trouble picking up the characters names (which I do from time to time)).

The one thing I was left really wanting to know was what Jack's mom meant when she was telling him to go to Australia to get his dad and she said something about "what [Jack] did." I wonder what specifically he did that she seemed to partially blame him for for the leaving of Jack's dad.

I am more interested in the previews for next week. Looks like a big ass conflict is brewing that's been building subtly for the past several episodes.
Re: Lost: \"White Rabbit\"

I didn't enjoy this episode as much as the last one either, but it was still pretty good. One thing I'm confused on though: did they just dupe Jack and sent an empty coffin, or was the body just lost during the crash? I kind of got the impression they screwed him over and that's why he got so pissed.

I like how the relationships are panning out and everyone seems to be finding their niche.

They sure have some hot chicks in this show. Shannon *drools*
Re: Lost: \"White Rabbit\"

My impression was that it was set up as a body lost during crash vs. freaky island thing possessing the body. It never occurred to me that the airline would have sent along a decoy/empty coffin.
Re: Lost: \"White Rabbit\"

I actually liked it. The island seems to be shaping up to be a Fantasy Island kind of thing, where you face your greatest challenges (either you grow from the experience or die).

The old guy with the knives seemed to believe that anything is possible on this island. "I've looked into the eyes of the Island..." Why didn't the thing kill him when he was face to face with it? Why can he now walk, and enjoy the survival game he went to Australia for in the first place?

Jack's greatest challenge is moving beyond his father telling him he was no good basically and a loser, and that he should never make tough decisions because he wasn''t competent enough to. Regarding the body, I saw two possibilities, the airline wouldn't let him take the body (Jack's dispute at the ticket counter) or, like the old guy walking again, Jack's dad got up and walked out of his coffin, and it really was him.
When Charlie's baggie runs out, he'll be facing his greatest challenge. The Black guy has never been a father to his son, he just picked him up after the kids mother died, so he's facing a great challenge being a father.

To me, it seemed to be a very thought provoking episode, and seems to be finally letting us in on some of the mystery of the island.
Re: Lost: \"White Rabbit\"

I missed last week's episode and they didn't run an encore. I'd heard someone had a miracle and could walk. Was that Locke (knifey-boy)?

I didn't much like the doctor running headlong off a cliff. I was hoping he would see the futility of his chase, refuse to follow, and call his father out. But of course, I've been sleeping and getting enough water.

Odd thing, when this show started the pregnant girl sounded like a real redneck, but last night her accent varied so wildly during the course of a few sentences, I literally don't know what she's supposed to be (although, I would speculate that the actress is Australian).
Re: Lost: \"White Rabbit\"

Emilie de Ravin's accent always seems to be all over the map, same thing occured in Roswell. According to IMDB, yes, she is Australian.

My ABC Channel said they are showing an encore of Last week's episode back to back with an encore of this week's episode, this weekend. Followed by an encore of Desperate Housewives (ABCs other big ratings killer this year). I believe Lost is at 8pm and then 9pm on Saturday, and Desparate Housewives at 10pm.
Re: Lost: \"White Rabbit\"

She ain't no Nicole Kidman, that's for sure.

She got away with it for a bit because she only had about 3 sentences in the first couple of episodes.

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