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Lost: "Walkabout"


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Lost: \"Walkabout\"

Just watched tonight's episode of Lost.

My thoughts in short: BEST EPISODE YET!!



Well, we found out a whole buttload about Locke, and it's goooooood. :D We know the miracle he referenced to Michael's son (whose name I can't remember) was a miracle: the plane crash did something cause him to be able to walk. What a tightly written episode! The openning bit showing him wiggling his toe had so much more meaning by the time we got the end of the episode. That's tight! And that wheelchair they've been using to cart wood and other things around was his. That's even tighter tying past episodes to this one. I like that in a show. Imagine that: continuity. :D

The name of the episode being "Walkabout" and tying it to a character who was unable to walk regaining the use of his legs is quite solid, I think. I like episodes that have titles that are considerably tied into the events of the episode it self instead of a title that just sits on the surface of the episode because the episode has to have a title.

And a few words about the music: the music during the revelation about Locke being in a wheelchair and that the crash has enabled him to be able to walk again was superb!

We still have lots of mystery going on though: what was Locke looking up at when he was off on his own after the boar? what was with the man in the suit that Jack saw? why did Jack not want to be at the memorial service?

I think I'm getting hooked on this show! :D
Re: Lost: \"Walkabout\"

Michael's son is named Walt. And his dog is Vincent.

Also, the Korean woman can so speak English.

I was definitely impressed by this episode. I was blown away by the ending.

That said, this flashback-present situation pattern to the episodes, while used well here, had better not be used too often. It was kinda boring last week (not to mention annoying, 'cause we didn't really learn much), and I'm much more interested in how the survivors deal with their present situation and uncovering the mysteries of the island than getting flashbacks from every character.
Re: Lost: \"Walkabout\"

I loved this episode too. I like how they're tying in bits from previous episodes. Yeah, continuity is awesome.


I agree that the Korean chick can speak English, and I'm sure we'll get their backstory soon enough. I'm kind of liking the flashbacks. They give more depth to the characters and show who they really are.

I'm still confused as to how Locke can walk again though. And what the hell is that thing in the jungle!?! That's bugging the shit out of me. It had better not be something completely off the wall and stupid though.

This is the freshest new show I've seen in a while and look forward to more.
Re: Lost: \"Walkabout\"

Agreed, Locke's revelations were awesome, and all the continuity that was exposed. I wonder if there's still more to learn about him, such as how is he so good at surviving? The flashbacks left you with the impression that he was only called Colonel as a nickname, but, in the "Walkabout tour" office, he said something to the effect of "I know far more than you probably do about this whole thing". So was he actually a military officer, perhaps a Green Beret, or other such Special Ops Guy?

Yes, Daniel Dae Kim's woman does seem to understand people too well, not to understand English.

I got chills up my spine when Jack saw the guy in the suit, hope we'll get more on the mysteries of the island soon. I wonder what caused the crash? Was someone on the plane connected to the island, and sabotaged it, meaning there's a traitor in our midst still?

How many episodes are there? It was my impression they only made 6, and then they wanted to see how it went in the ratings, if this is so, not much left in the way of episodes, before they take it away from us for awhile.

The hobbit's baggie looks like it's starting to run low, so, all likelihood is that we will be seeing him going through some nasty withdrawl symptoms pretty soon.

The Black lady is pretty certain her husband is alive, you think she's in denial, or do you think there's another group of folks from a different piece of the plane that haven't caught up with the group we've been watching
Re: Lost: \"Walkabout\"

...or do you think there's another group of folks from a different piece of the plane that haven't caught up with the group we've been watching

I read somewhere that the first season might end up having a substantial body count. Perhaps the passengers from the rear piece of the plane, found later, may be an original way of replenishing any characters that might get killed off along the way.
Re: Lost: \"Walkabout\"

The episode was great. Lost is great.

I really like the flashbacks though... it's a great way of having some off-island stuff. And there possibilities there are endless. We can go anyhwere with these characters' pasts.
Re: Lost: \"Walkabout\"

I agree on the flashbacks. I think that the flashbacks help develop the characters. It also gives us an idea why people are the way they are.