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LOST Season 2 Premiere tonight at 9pm


Don't miss the USA (The Country, not the station) Season premiere tonight at 9PM on ABC.

First episode picks up seconds after last season finale. First 3 episodes are supposed to give answers finally, and apparently make up only about 6 hours of story time.
The first episode of season two is at 9 pm eastern. Note this is a change in time from the time it was coming on last season. There's a special episode coming on tonight at 8 pm eastern that's going to be recapping last season, but it's my understanding that it's just a recap and nothing new. The new stuff comes on at 9.
Well, what'd everyone think? Certainly not the direction the show looked like it was going early in season 1, but have to admit I can't wait to find out what happens next.

One thing that struck me as odd (SEMI-SPOILER ALERT) was that they didn't show the raft people at all in this episode. How badly is Sawyer shot, how are they ever going to get back, etc.
I enjoyed what I saw of it, didn't get to [pay much attention due to a drunk person blathering the whole time, so I need to rewatch it, fortunately I had the sense to tape it.

(just in case some of you didn't watch it yet :) )

The women that Jack was treating, that is the women who was to be his wife correct? Just don't 100% remember last season ...

[/end spoiler]

Well, I guess that wasn't a huge one, but just in case ... otherwise, I liked the direction it went ... simple, yet effect in setting up a larger mystery.

Someone posted this on another board, I wanted to spread it here. I don't know anything about the accuracy of any of the statements made.

I'm gonna put some bit of spoiler space as there are a few minor ones from last night's episode in the following.






<u>About last night's episode:</u>

does everyone remember that Danielle, the french woman, her last name is
Roussau. Other facts someone printed out from some message boards:

on the bottle of the medicine he was shooting up CR 4-81516-23 42
Time of death (guy in the SUV) 8:15
if you watch the guy in the hatch type, he types the numbers above.
when Jack went into the hatch, the number on the wall is 108.
the driver of the SUV was named Adam Rutherford, same last name as Shannon, was that her dad?

Why was the word quarantine labeled on the hatch?

His name is Desmond - it's the same guy that's in the hatch!!! How did that happen???? I wonder if he's met all of the survivors before, or just certain ones.

Great show!!!!! Can't wait for next week to see how ALL cast members are... Oh.. MMR played what Walt said backwards .. and he's saying "Press the Button ... No Button's Bad" ... or something like that... AND... did you all catch when Jack was running and hurt himself, that guy that came out of now where (brother dude)... as he got up to leave, he said "see you in another live, brother" ... anyone?!!! I need to watch it all over!!!

<u>Theory on the show:</u>

I recently found an interesting natuarlly occuring thoery found in our world that states everyone has a mirror image somewhere in the world. You may have heard of this. Its called Roussau's genetic mirror theory, and I must say it is very interesting. Roussau's genetic mirror theory says that everyone in the world has an exact twin somewhere, however according to the theory you never encounter this person, by laws of probablitly and other natuaral occuring phemnomen. Its the theory that was devised by a French Mathematician named Marseille Roussau in the year 1988. He used a series of numbers to explain his theory. Now I know you're not going to believe this but here goes.

4 8 15 16 23 42

Let me explain...

The 4 stands for 4 degrees of separation (not 6 or 7 as commonly stated.) Roussau believed that everyone in the world was connected by four different people. So in theory could meet yourself by using four different people connected to you. Example: Your brother's, boss's, neighbor nephew, knows your mirror. Hard to believe, I know but keep reading.

The 8 stands for the eight continent, or the only place in the world where you could meet your mirror. He calculated it to be somewhere in the south pacific. Now we know its not actually as large as the other contintents but its used figurtively because everyone in all 7 continents could meet there mirror on the 8th universal continent.

The 15 stands for the chances of you acually meeting yourself on this place, as in 15 out of 4,815,162,342. Look at the second set "815." Ring any bells? Interesting huh?

The 16 stands for the maximum amount of people that could encounter thier twin all at the same time. Think about the number of main characters.

The 23 is the number of years apart your twin and yourself are. You are not the same age as your twin. By chance and probablity it takes 23 years exactly for the same genes that made you to be connected again to form another you.

The 42 stands for the maximimum number of years your twin and yourself can be alive at the same time. However people do die at diffferent times so thats why everyone isn't dead at 75. For example my twin was born on Sept.
6 2003 b/c i was born on Spet. 6 1980. Now that doesn't mean i will die in the year 2045, I could, but its not set in stone. My twin could die when he is 16, and then the whole thing starts over again.

This is all very complicated and I don't know how well I explained it but the connections with the show are too coinidental to not be real.

Roussau and his team (wife, included) went to the 8th continent. You can figure out how they died and why by the numbers and equations. It also fits with every character. You can predict when they will die. There are others on the island who are twins of the survivors, but have been there 23 years longer.

There is a book Roussau wrote 16 years ago in 1988 when he came up with the theory. Thats where I got it from.

Someone check it out. It kinda goes along with someone elses theory about genetics.
VL, try googling for that book, it doesn't seem to exist. And the folks (I think it's just one guy with different IDs) ignore that question.
Ok, so I decided to google for some of the things mentioned in my post above that I snurched from another message board and I haven't found anything corroborative, so I'm wondering if whoever that originally posted it on whatever board the person got it from that posted it on the board that I got it from just made some stuff up for the sake of posting.
Precisely. There's even one guy named Quarantine, on the ABC LOST board who is claiming to know everything for the entire season, due to contacts in the industry on the critic and Network management end. Except only 8 scripts have been written so far, so, no one can know the level of some of the details this guy is claiming to "know".

Some of it may have been a plant by the Show runners, that others have taken and run with, but what's being floated is not true in the real world.

Nah, I didn't actually Google myself, but, lots of people have posted that they did.
Nah, I didn't actually Google myself, but, lots of people have posted that they did.

Oh. Well, whatever board you're reading the posts of people who googled it isn't the board where I read it so I unfortunately didn't read anything like that before I went and posted the "theory" earlier. But I'm glad I went ahead and googled it myself even after my having posted it.
I used to post a lot on the official ABC board for The Mole way back when, but I eventually grew tired of both the format/board software and the frequent influx of cooks that would populate the board. Ever since I left, I never bothered going back to any of the official ABC boards.
Why was the word quarantine labeled on the hatch?
More interestingly, why was the word "QUARANTINE" labeled on the inside of the hatch?

I was thinking about that too. Also keep in mind that there was no handle on the outside of the hatch. Seems to lend to the idea that the "quarantine" label was a warning to the people INSIDE the hatch, not vice versa.

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