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'Lost' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)


\'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

Good episode, though it didn't really answer any questions. I guessed the end of the season weeks ago, I knew they'd leave us hanging:

I've got the end of next week's episode all figured out.

Last scene, hatch opens to a black screen, end of season. That would fit right in with how things have been going.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

I called the Arnst thing too. He was introduced as a character a few weeks back, and I figured it was only so you could have sort of a "new regular" familiarity to him before he gets off'd. I thought the weird "security" thing was going to get him, but when he was playing with the dynamite I knew that was it. I will admit they still did a good job at WHEN it actually happened. I mean, I figured he was going to blow up, but they still managed to surprise with the actual execution of it, and the scene was great. "Dude, you have some Arnst on you"

I liked the finale.

The Red Herring about Claire's baby was interesting, and it turns out those "others" really wanted Walt....which makes a heck of a lot more sense when you think about all the weird things about that kid.

Looking at those bits of smoke that were the "security system" was odd, and how it seemed that it was actually coming from below ground instead of above.

Glad Hurley spotted the numbers.

I figured the hatch wouldn't be some huge revelation, but at least they got it open.

Thats all I can think of now off the top of my head, but it was a good one.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

A friend of mine said that J. J. Abrams stands for "Just Jerkin' Abrams". Seriously, I was hoping for some actual answers. It was a well done episode, and I enjoyed it, but I'm getting sick of this. I missed a bunch of episodes in the middle of the season, but I don't really feel like I missed anything of note. Anyway, ten bets says it's Rambaldi at the bottom of the shaft. Or they just opened Pandora's Box.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

I liked it up until the end, and then I was pissed off because they didn't reveal anything. What bulls**t!!!! They can't give us all the answers because it has to be a cliffhanger, but they should at least give us some. It's a season finale!!! Give us some sort of finality!!!! GRRRRR
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

How long was it before B5 started revealing its mysteries and secrets? Season 2 is the soonest I think the first real B5 secret was revealed, and it was only done because Sinclair left the show. People on this forum above all, should probably be more patient to such things I would think.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

With B5, I think... the difference was... that one could expect: mysteries would be numerous, and secrets well kept. Nothing would be easily obtained.

It was known from fairly early: if economically possible, the story would span a given time -- and still arrive where originally intended (give or take a few literary parachutes, lifepods and escape hatches).

Lost, on the other hand... seems more improvised. Its surface looks fairly simple... and this appearance is a little deceiving.

The ability of a little island to hold mysteries... is a lot smaller than the ability of a complex galaxy. So people expect discovery to happen quicker... writers oppositely can reveal less at a time... and generally... it fosters a definite *scarcity* of answers.

If one cannot get used to it... it can probably get annoying. Hasn't got annnoying for me... but people have different expectations.

If the authors *do* have a schedule for revealing secrets... I don't mind this scarcity. I *would* mind it only if they lacked a schedule -- because needless prolonging of story *can* compromise its quality.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

It hasnt gotten annoying to me yet. But I just knew that they wouldnt reveal much in the 2 hours. I'm more interested in the hatch and what is inside. It is frustrating that it took nearly 2 hours before it was opened up and then they cut away and came back at the last moment. They did that a few weeks ago when Locke showed there where it was. The hatch was in the episode for maybe 5 minutes. The show is still great however and I will be there for season 2. It is still better than a lot of other shows on television. Lost and The Shield are they only 2 shows I must see every week.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

I gotta say I am curious as to why Walt told Locke a few episodes ago to not open the hatch. Now we got it open and it's just a deep shaft with a broken ladder.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

A bigger question is why was Walt so Prescient about the danger of opening the hatch and having to get off the island, yet he was adamant that they mustn't let the "Others" get away when they saw the radar blip?

Was Walt reading Locke's understanding of the island mysteries, but, no one on the raft had a clue about the danger of the radar blip? Or does it have to do with the ground of the island versus being on the raft?
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

My guess (unless the writers pull a twist) is that Walt didn't know that the ship that was the blip on the radar was the others... that he thought it was just a ship.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

But my point was he didn't know anything whatsoever about the hatch, not even that it existed, yet it terrified him to think about it being opened.

If he could be prescient about that danger, why not the dnager the "Others" presented?

What's the difference?
1. The water/raft versus the ground of the island?
2. The touching and reading of a person who had a clue what's going on?
Or something else?

Likewise with Locke, he seems to know everything and be so in tuned to what's going on, yet Ethan never gave him pause in the slghtest? He even chided himself for it, saying he should've read something about Ethan's potential danger because he spent so much time with him.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

Honestly, nothing in the finale could ever top the first 5min with Arntz going "boom!"

One thing I am wondering, is if Hurley and Walt are somehow BEHIND what is really going on (maybe not knowingly). We have been given the impression that Walt can perceive and make things happen. Hurley was reading the comic book as the plane was taking off (the one Walt was reading later), and I believe it said CRASH as the name of the comic on the cover. Need to check my TiVo tonight. I also was wondering about the thumbs-up Hurley gave Walt as he finally got on the plane, and Walt almost nodded back to him. Yea, maybe he was just being our friendly Hurley that we have all come to know --- maybe there was more there.

This whole thing better not turn out to be a dream that Hurley or Walt is having, and the series Finale being him waking up right before the landing. "Dallas" lives...
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

Who knows how Walt's seeming abilities work.

Oh, and I liked seeing that the comic that was in Spanish that Walt was reading early in the season that had the polar bear in it was a comic Hurley had with him on the plane.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

Recoil, I believe it's a Flash comic book. (It features the Flash, Green Lantern, Aliens and the Polar Bear). It's a real issue, you can find the English translation of it on the inernet, but, I couldn't tell you what issue it was.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

Where are you guys getting the notion that the guys on the boat were "the others." The others have presumably been on the island a long time if they were there when Danielle arrived 16 years ago, yet these guys on the boat were out in the middle of the night using a gas-powered engine.

I can't imagine that they had enough gasoline to go joyriding on a boat at night for 16+ years...
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

Another thing that I think is getting lost in this is the fate of Michael, Jin, and Sawyer.

I guess since it didn't get all that much attention that the writers are going to have them survive somehow, but it's hard enough to survive a gunshot wound without a doctor, much less floating around in the middle of the ocean, not to mention the fact that all that blood makes for instant sharkbait.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

1. Danielle said that the Others wanted the Boy, the folks on the boat took Walt.
2. Harold Perrineau (The actor who plays Michael) said on Jimmy Kimmel last night, that they were in fact, "The Others"

Who said anything about them joyriding every night for 16 years? If they've got a boat with a motor and it's got fuel, apparently they aren't strictly stuck on the island, or they have gotten fuel from shipwrecks/plane wrecks.
Re: \'Lost\' Season 1 Finale (Spoilers)

My first thought about the 'others' on the boat were that they were the descendants of the crew of the Black Rock and that they'd stolen the gas powered boat from someone else over the years. As for what they wanted with Walt, I don't know.

I had a feeling Arnst was going to die but I still wasn't expecting it when it actually happened.

I didn't expect anything major to be explained in this episode. I had a feeling the hatch thing wouldn't be opened until the end and even then, I didn't think we'd see anything. I thought the black smoke would turn out to be more than it was. I was expecting a settlement or something with savages dancing around the fire.

I liked the ending where it shows them all boarding the plane, kind of bringing the season full circle. I'm curious as to what next season will bring.

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