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Lost in Translation


So this new film by Sophia Coppola is getting praised left and right by critics all over the place. So I went to see it the other day- and I agree with them.

This is just a quiet, endearing, warm film about companionship.

Bill Murray, the criminally underrated actor (yes, actor, not just comedian) is a movie star past the peak of his glory but still popular in Japan. He is there to film whiskey ads. Stuck in a loveless marriage (the wife can only be heard on the phone, yet the iciness and thily veiled bitterness is loud as a bell), he is lost in Tokyo's metropolitan mirror of his own land.

Scarlett Johannsen (Ghost World, The Man Who Wasn't There) is tagging along with her hot-shot photographer husband and is bored out of her wits, growing disillusioned with the marriage, and suffering an identity crisis.

Folks, what can I say- I'm in love with her. The woman is not ultra-gorgeous, but she has that slightly exotic girl next door thing going for her. And very nice lips. Her character is a bit quirky, a little intellectual, but open hearted and honest. She's the type of girl a guy may not fall for right away but if he does, it would be very strong.

The movie is just about their relationship in this odd but ultimately endearing setting. Subtlety and warmth are the prevaling moods and themes. There are not wacky prat-falls, not flights of Fabio-on-the-cover romance novel type passion, and no pie-fucking.

This is not a masterpiece, but it's not intended to be. This is the kind of film that makes for an enjoyable movie-going experience without pandering. It's also a great date movie. Highly recommended.
I haven't seen this one yet. I am looking forward to it for no other reason than to see Murray. I never really appreciated his abilities as an actor until I saw Rushmore. This was a great movie, and he was the best part about it. Then he was in that modernized Hamlet a few years back. Again, he did an absolutely great job as Polonius.
Thanks for the Info. I was curious about that film and now I will definitely put it on my list of ones to see. Bill Murray was Awesome in Rushmore! :eek:

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