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Lost: "Confidence Man" (Spoilers)


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Lost: \"Confidence Man\" (Spoilers)




Another tremendous episode of "Lost" tonight, this time focusing on Sawyer. Man, he's scum. His demanding a kiss from Kate in exchange for the asthema medication that he didn't have totally earned him that elbow to the head she gave him. And knowing the little we know about Kate -- that she was hunted down, captured, and handcuffed while she was on the plane -- I wouldn't want to mess with her.

Anyone notice the little tiny piece of continuity when Jack punched Sawyer in the jaw at the waterfall? Jack grabbed his shoulder, which if one remembers from last week was dislocated. I like continuity! :)

The twist that the letter had been written by Sawyer himself because it's what happened to his family when he was a little kid and that he then went on become a con artist like the guy that played his family was something. I started to feel bad for him, but then I remembered how much of an ass he is.

Charlie's promising to get Claire some peanut butter and their sharing the fake peanut butter was sweet.

I'm glad that Sun went to Michael to get him to help her help Shannon. Michael's little "Don't" to Jin after Sun walked away when Michael brought her the eucalyptus was great.

I felt sorry for Sayid when he left the beach at the end. What his character went through in this episode was pretty powerful stuff.

The previews for next week look good. I take it the person that captures Sayid that we only saw blurry and below the face in the previews is Mira Furlan's character?
Re: Lost: \"Confidence Man\" (Spoilers)

Yeah, another great episode. I liked Sawyer's backstory, and it's nice to see how he got the way he is. Something tells me that he'll end up redeeming himself somewhere much further down the line and start to mellow out somewhat.

It'll be interesting to see Sayid's story, which I'm assuming from the previews will be next week.
Re: Lost: \"Confidence Man\" (Spoilers)

I'll probably be in the minority here, but I didn't care for Sawyer's backstory that much. Don't get me wrong, the episode was still great overall, but I think all the preceding episodes and their respective flashbacks were better.

I could have sworn I was paying attention, but did I miss an explanation as to why Sawyer was in Sydney? Kate was on the run, Locke tried to go on walkabout, Jack was looking for his father, Charlie was visiting his brother, one could assume that Sun & Jin were there on business, but unless Sawyer's scam was happening in Sydney, I don't think his being there was explained.

Anyway, I guess I was hoping for more out of Sawyer. He made a statement last week that implied he and Jack were similar. I would have expected Sawyer to be more intellectual or professional than he lets on, like maybe he was a lawyer or something. Being a con artist just wasn't much of a stretch, and the revelation of the letter being his didn't have as much impact as Jack's father being missing, Charlie's "moth" metamorphisis, or knowing Sun was this close to getting away from Jin. And, nothing can compare to Locke being able to walk.

Sawyer's story was a bit of a letdown. He may have had that brief moment of humanity when he cancelled the scam because of the kid, but except for that, he's still a prick. I thought that before the episode, and I still think that after the episode. Not much changed.

Can't wait for Sayid and Mira Furlan interaction next week!!! I hope like crazy that Sayid gets the flashbacks next week.
Re: Lost: \"Confidence Man\" (Spoilers)

From Sawyer's attitude throughout the episode, I pretty much figured that he didn't have the inhaler refills. Everyone seems surprised that Sawyer told Kate the price was a kiss? Knowing Sawyer's character as we did prior to this episode, I was actually surprised that's all he asked for. Didn't see the contents of the letter coming though, nor, after knowing the contents of the letter, did I expect it was him who wrote it, and that he really isn't Sawyer.

So, Sayid was one of Saddam Hussein's monster's for 5 years, and he's been holding that down, and feels so bad for letting it out, that he has to leave camp to find his inner peace again.

I would definitely say that the Dark haired woman in the previews is Danielle Rouseau. Now, the question is, will she be speaking in English? Or will she be speaking in French (without subtitles) so we'll only get understanding of her character's introduction from the visual interaction until Shannon meets up with her, and can translate?
Re: Lost: \"Confidence Man\" (Spoilers)

I enjoyed the episode for the most part. I did feel that Sawyer's behavior was too over the top. Yes...he's an asshole. What's the point of holding out...being tortured...for a kiss? It just didn't make sense. His backstory was a little interesting. Only the letter was intriguing.
Re: Lost: \"Confidence Man\" (Spoilers)

As Kate said, the whole point was for Sawyer to be universally hated. Corny or not, he's is in his own self-imposed purgatory as a means to punish himself.

The exchange between Charlie and the fat guy was funny. The rest was okay.

Mira next week. I thought it was funny that they didn't show her face in the promos, since less than 10% of the American viewing audience would recognize her anyway. And seeing her face still wouldn't tip off those spoiler-avoiders out there that she is "the french woman".
Re: Lost: \"Confidence Man\" (Spoilers)

Did anyone else think it looked like Kate enjoyed that kiss? She held it for much longer than she had to and she was into it.
Re: Lost: \"Confidence Man\" (Spoilers)

Yes...it seemed she got into it. The classic love triangle takes it's next step.
Re: Lost: \"Confidence Man\" (Spoilers)

Anybody recording the episodes? I saw a theory on the ABC Lost board, where someone was inquiring about what the first sighting of Sawyer was, this person believes it's not until about 10 minutes into the pilot, when Sawyer appears, and at that time he is walking towards camp, from outside of the camp. In the flashbacks, I believe we have seen every single other person, either on the plane itself, or at the airport getting ready to get on the plane (buying tickets, etc). But Sawyer's flashback had nothing to do with the airport, and we weren't really given any indication of why he was on the plane (except, of course, that he may have been bailing because of his Conman job).

So, was Sawyer on the plane with all these folks?
Re: Lost: \"Confidence Man\" (Spoilers)

If Sawyer wasn't on the plane, that might explain why he seems so content with the situation and why he's hoarding items. Assuming he was there first, if he's been without company and without supplies, a crashed plane full of luggage and over three dozen survivors would be a welcome change of pace.

Of course, this possibility begs the question, "How and why did he get on the island before (or after) everyone else?"

I would think he really was on the plane, but I still wonder why his flashback didn't explain whether he was in Sydney or not and why he happened to be on this particular flight.

Oh, one thing that could blow the theory altogether... If this theory has come up just because Sawyer seems to be walking toward the wreckage from a distance, keep in mind that Jack started off in the very first moment of the very first episode being in the jungle and a decent walk away from the crash site on the beach. Some people may have stuck close, and some may have drifted pretty soon after the crash. In Jack's case, he probably wandered half-dazed into the jungle, passed out, and woke up right as the cameras stared rolling. ;)

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