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Looney Tunes on DVD!


Yippee, finally!

Scheduled for the end of October, Warner Brothers is releasing the first batch of its classic Looney Tunes.

There will be a 4 disc set and 2 disc set. The latter is simply the last two discs of the former. I've seen what's on the discs (too lazy to go find that link again) and there are some great things on all of the discs, so it is definitely worth getting the 4-disc set.

There are lots of extras and the transfer is supposed to be pretty sweet, too. Also, none of them are cut (a constant threat in these ultra-PC times in entertainment).

In other words, WB seems to be doing this right.

I'm especially thrilled that "Duck Dodgers... of the 24th 1/2 century!" is on this set.
Wee-hee, now there's some old stuff I enjoy :D

I hope they have the one where Bugs and Elmer Fudd do that Wagner opera: "Kill the Waaaaaaaabbit! Kill the Wabbiiiiiit! Kill the Waaaabbiiit!"
I don't believe What's Opera, Doc? is on this set.
(Yes, I do know what some of them are actually called. I'm a big dork who still laughs out loud even though I know the coyote will fall off the cliff.)

The other famous opera cartoon with Bugs and Fudd, which spoofs the Barber of Seville, might be here.

Also included in this set is Duck Amuck, where Daffy and his environment are changing due to someone drawing it. It's big favorite of mine.
Aww, still the Barber of Seville one is pretty darn funny. As is anything with Marvin the Martian. Hmmm, what about the one with the 1812 Overture avec anvils?
I have all The Golden Age Of Looney Tunes laser disc boxed sets. They include all the pre 1948 WB color cartoons, except for a few that contain racial caricatures. They are lacking most of the old black and whites, which are some of the craziest WB's Termite Terrace ever made, like Porky In Wackyland. Sounds like the DVD set has some of the post 1948 stuff. Does it have any of the older stuff, B&Ws, or politically incorrect toons? How many toons total? I love WB's older toons the most, except for the early Fleischer things, like pre 1933 Betty Boop. There is a VHS set of Fleischer Bros Betty Boop toons, but no DVDs yet, as far as I know. I have managed to tape all of the original B&W Popeyes.
Speedy Gonzales is on the set, so it looks like they're not concerned with PC.

This page lists the extras and commentaries, so it's a partial list of which cartoons are included.
This is AWESOME news! I have to pick this up! :D

P.S. What about speedy gonzoles would be considered not "PC"?
There actually was a thing about Speedy a while back. I don't remember who got pissed at who or if there were any lawsuits, but I believe some TV station stopped airing Speedy for a while.

The non-PC thing is that the other Mexican mice are all stupid and lazy.
Thanks for the link, GKE. There was also an entry about Fleischer Bros with a Koko DVD listed! I'd love to pick it up. The Looney Tunes stuff looks like all post 1948 stuff, with just a couple of exceptions. I really prefer the pre WW2 cartoons. They're a lot wilder, and more detailed animation. I liked Daffy when he was completely crazy, not just a malcontent. I also like a lot of the one-offs, like Tex Avery's Detouring America. But my all time favorite piece of animation is Betty Boop's Snow White. It was done years before Disney did Snow White. It features a rotoscoped Cab Calloway singing Saint James Infirmary Blues. The Cab figure is continously morphing from one thing to another, and every thing, even inanimate objects, comes alive. So, enjoy your Looney Tunes! :D
Well, I guess our tastes differ. A lot of the pre-WW2 stuff doesn't date well. And as for Daffy, I'm not fond of the bezerk Daffy that yelped and leaped about. I like the one that picked on Porky and was bested by Bugs. Duck Dodgers, and "it's mine, mine, all mine!" and "would you like to shoot me now or wait 'till we get home?" That's the stuff I wants.
I'm especially thrilled that "Duck Dodgers... of the 24th 1/2 century!" is on this set.

Well that settles it, where is my wallet? Time to abuse my credit card (again).

To quote an unnamed toon: "it's mine, mine, all mine!"

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