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Looking for a little help...


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I didnt know where else to come to get advice on this, but hopefully you guys can help me.

A local man passed away last year, and I inherited his memorabilia through a friend who it was given to by the mans father. Anyway, the majority of the memorabilia are babylon 5 headshots and photos that are signed. There are also some star trek, star wars, and space above and beyond photos and headshots which are also signed. Some have water damage, but many are in great shape. Some of these are autographed to the man who they belonged to. There are some babylon 5, star trek, star wars comics also, some of which are signed once again. There are even letters from some of the stars of these shows accompanying the signed pictures that must be replies from his fan mail.

I personally have no need for these, so I guess Im trying to get an idea of what they would go for should I sell it all as one big lot. I know thats a hard thing to nail down, but any help from you guys would be terrific.

From the pictures of the man at conventions with some of the stars of babylon 5, it seems was a pretty big fan, and im sure he would want these to go to another fan and not sit in my closet.

I can't tell you what they are worth, but can offer one way to handle it. Go on e-bay, and look for someone who sells such memorabilia there. Contact them, and see if they are interested in buying it as one lot, which they will resell. You might get more for it yourself, piece by piece, but not necessarily. That is because a good dealer will know the value, know the best way to present them, and already have a customer base. You can check with a couple of dealers, for the best offer. They may offer them for sale, and give you a percentage of what they go for.

That said, signed headshots are usually pretty common, and may have little value. I would guess that anything with water damage would be worthless, unless the damage was slight, and the item rare. I know a bit more about comics, having had a dealer sell my comic collection on e-Bay, and collecting $16,000 for my share. Surprisingly, autographed comics are usually worth LESS than the same comic w/o the autograph! This was a surprise to me. But, perhaps in the B5 and ST collectors' world, things are different.
Another unfortunate thing on Ebay, is things are not going for what they once were. We see a drastic reduction in what stuff is going for now versus what it sold for 2-3 years ago. Stuff we bought for $100.00 a couple years ago (when it was the going price) is now only going for half that, if even that high. I am talking stuff from the 1960s, that should be going up in value every year, not dropping by 50% or more.

You probably want to do some research on Ebay yourself. You can go into advanced search, and put in a few words like "Babylon 5 comic book" and then click on "Ended auctions" and it will show what things have been going for in the last month. Or you may want to go to a local comic book store (they sell action figures and memorabilia as well as comics themselves often). You may want to try both to get the best feel for what they are going for.

Unfortunately the economy is even affecting these things. People may list stuff for high on Ebay, but, it's not selling, which is why you want to look at what's sold in the last month.