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Looking for a good site with B5 pictures


I'm specifically looking for a picture of Vir and Lennier sitting at the bar. If anyone could direct me to a good site, that would be great.

By the way, which episode was that?
I took a few screenshots. It was the Fall of Night, actually. I too thought it was Comes the Inquisitor, but I couldn't find it right off the bat. Two awesome episodes. I dunno if these are what you are looking for. I can try again tomorrow morning.

I have WinDVD and when you get the scene you want, you hit pause then hit the "P" key and it takes a screen shot for ya. =)






The Lurkers Guide has a archived Picture FTP site.

Lurkers Guide

Click on 'Index' on the tool bar, then FTP archives.

There used to be a lot of sites with pictures but a quick look seems to indicate that most of them are gone.

I'll look and see what I have from collecting them over the years.
Thank you!

wolfranger, I had previously looked at Lurker's Guide and I couldn't find anything. Thanks for the directions, as it were. :p
One of my favorite sites for episode pictures is :cool: jumpnow.de, there are :D LOTS of pictures there!

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