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Looking for a Couple Episodes of Two Shows.


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Anybody have...

Tremors: The Series (Sci-Fi, Friday 8PM and Midnight):

6. 1- 6, 25 Apr 03, "Hit and Run" (reran 9/26, but missed it last night :mad:)
7. 1- 7, 20 Jun 03, "A Little Paranoia Among Friends" (*should* rerun 10/3; hope the Schedulebot is wrong. It lists:


...which I already have. :rolleyes: )


Peacemakers (USA, Wednesday 10PM):

6. 1- 6, 10 Sep 03, "Legend of the Gun"
7. 1- 7, 17 Sep 03, "The Perfect Crime"

I'd like to get 'em on VHS SP, if possible, or even DVD-R (DVD-Video) or DVD-RAM in LP (all would fit on one disc). :)
Re: Looking for a Couple Episodes ot Two Shows.

Have you checked BitTorrent, or *gasp* Kazaa Lite?
I'm on dial up (and so a download of a whole show would take forever and even then, the picture would be tiny). Also my experience with getting some of the Firefly eps. I missed, that were downloads, was that some of them were pixilated, and the frame rate of some of them slowed to almost nothing as the episode progressed (See below.).

I'm looking for ones I can watch on the VCR or DVD player, not the PC.

My Firefly experience with downloaded episodes:

1. “The Train Job” - plays beautifully

2. “Bushwhacked” - pixilated, jumpy, low frame rate. Starting at 13 minute mark, frame rate really drops. At 20 minute mark, it's down to 1 frame per 10 seconds. :(

3. “Our Mrs. Reynolds” - Not as good as 1, but way better than 2. Better framerates and reduced pixilation.

4. “Jaynestown” - Staticy sound. Picture and framerate are ~6 on a scale of 1 to 10.

5. “Out of Gas” - played OK.

6. “Shindig” - haven't watched it yet.

7. “Safe” - haven't watched it yet.

8. "Ariel" - haven't watched it yet.

I'm really looking forward to the official DVDs coming out.
Query: Why do you use SP rather than SLP. You can fit more onto one tape that way.

For better quality. It's the same reason I use SVHS SP when I can for the original recording (the one with commercials in it). Often, I'll use the original recording in SP, and copy it to VHS or DVD while cutting commercials. I almost never cut commercials "on-the-fly" because I want to get every single frame of the show I'm recording. I can cut commercials exactly to the frame, later.

If you start with SLP, it's not even worth cutting commercials (and I really hate to leave certain obnoxious commercials in there, e.g. "Scare Tactics" ones). I may use VHS SLP for the final result with shows I don't particularly care about (e.g. Enterprise, which fits 8 episodes on a VHS Hi-Grade with commercials cut), but I don't do that with shows I care about (e.g. Monk, CSI, Peacemakers, SG-1, Babylon 5, Crusade, etc.).
You are actually watching, and enjoying, Tremors? :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Other than "Graboid Rights," yes. You have to realize, when it first came out, I was against it. Since then, TV has gotten worse and worse and worse, and so now, "Tremors: The Series" looks a lot better than it used to look. The cast was gelling. They were starting to have a good chemistry together, sooooo naturally Sci-Fi cancels it and goes for more "Scare Tactics."

Hey, Christopher Lloyd is always a hoot. It was nice to see Rick Biggs on the show. The redhead woman scientist is hot, as is Marcia Strassman, IMHO. :D Burt Gummer and Tyler Reed have a good "buddy" thing going. Twitchell is a hoot. In fact, the only character I don't care for is Rosalita Sanchez (the gratuitious T&A girl played by Gladise Jimenez). She's only there to bounce her boobs, wear pants that are spray painted on, and get her shirt wet and show off her headlights (See "Blast from the Past."). Rosalita is entirely too tasteless and overt. The only thing the's not doing is cracking gum.

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