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Looking for a Bablyon 5 Fan...


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I'm Tim Priebe. I run Cool Collecting.com, and this message board was suggested to me as a good place to find B5 fans. I'm looking for a Babylon 5 fan with the ability to capture DVD stills on their computer, as well as knowing or easily being able to find B5 sites with fan fiction, fan art, articles, etc.

The deal is, I want to send someone a copy of Season 3 of Babylon 5 for them to review, at no monetary cost to them. I do, however, want to first build up Cool Collecting.com's Babylon 5-related content, so I'm looking for that person to first provide some B5 content, (not necessarily their own, but with the permission of the original owner) then I will mail them the DVD set.

If we get the content built up, this could continue with future seasons of Babylon 5 released on DVD.

If you fit that bill, shoot me an email at tim@coolcollecting.com

BTW, I'm sending this message out to several people and posting it in different forums. If I get multiple responses, I will only be able to pick one person. If you can send along any writing samples, that wouldn't hurt your chances.


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