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Liandra and Enfali concept designs


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Hi Everyone Just like to say Hi to everyone.

Just like to ask everyone if anyone knows where I can get Concept pictures of the Liandra, Enfali and Valen. I'm in the middle of preparing a website and would really appreciste some help /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
I did have some, but they're not ones that can just be reproduced. However, when the site opens up again in a few days, you can at least look at them.
I'm pretty certain I didn't give permission for those pics to be reproduced (apologies if I did)...

And did you get permissions to use all those other pics, which I assume are off some actors' websites?
Thanks for the heads up everyone, It's gonna be about a month before I'm anywhere near ready, but I'm trying to getas much info on these and the anla'shok in general.

I'll let you know hwat its about once I've got it finalised on storyboards

Thanks again Alpha /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
lol, yes, well I haven't touched the site since like the start of the year......always been meaning to do something else with it anyways - other than b5 i mean. One day, when i'm actually not busy

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