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"Li Chen"

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\"Li Chen\"

Well, I just wanted to say that I am thrilled that there is an asian character particpating in the new movie 'Babylon 5;The Legend of the Rangers' (Li Chen)...I stumbed across the cast and crew list and noticed "Li Chen". I am of asian descent, and I don't mean to harp on this fact, but there are so few asian characters on the North American television scene...that, I am filled with joy, and the huge asian community will be excited too! I am looking forward to hearing who is cast as 'Li Chen'...Thank you Babylon 5...It seems that the science fiction genre incorporates all races...Aliens and humans...as it should be that way!

Re: \"Li Chen\"

I always liked the way JMS included things such as homosexuality, different religions and ethnicities on his shows in such a way as to make them feel included without ramming it down our throats (unlike Buffy and Angel, where I can't help thinking "oh yeah there's our token minority group (Tara and Willow, Gunn, etc)." every time one appears). Still I did always feel that there were rather too many anglo people on the show - I got the impression though that this wasn't entirely intended, right from the start he tried - with characters such as Kyle and Takashima, and he has stated that he tried to get the best actor for the part (like Daniel Dae Kim playing Matheson, where I don't think he was specifically after an Asian actor), regardless of ethnicity.

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