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Leonard Nimoy Retiring


His Majesty
He has announced today that he is giving up acting as well as the convention circuit after he finishes out his last public appearances. He will definitely not be playing the elder Spock in the next Trek film. I, for one, shall miss him.

Leonard Nimoy, the actor who has famously portrayed "Star Trek's" original alien Spock for over 40 years, has announced he's officially hanging up the pointy Vulcan ears for good.

Nimoy, 79, plans to retire shortly from show business and the "Star Trek" convention circuit, according to the Canadian newspaper Toronto Sun.

The actor, director and photographer will be attending the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend, and told the paper that beyond this event he only has a few more public appearances scheduled.

Nimoy also currently guest stars on the television show "Fringe," produced by J.J, Abrams who directed last summer's re-launched "Star Trek" film franchise chronicling a younger original series cast on their first mission on the starship Enterprise.

The retirement announcement all but guarantees that an elder, "from-the-future" Spock (at least played by Nimoy) will not make an appearance in the next "Star Trek" movie.

"I want to get off the stage. Also, I don't think it would be fair to Zachary Quinto," Nimoy told the Toronto Sun, referring to the actor who portrays young Spock in the new film. "He's a terrific actor, he looks the part, and it's time to give him some space. And I'm very flattered the character will continue."
It's worth mentioning that he's retired before. In the 90s he retired for about five years, saying he was sick of acting, and he just wanted to dedicate his efforts to his erotic coffee table books. Eventually, he got back into it. He's wandered into and out of it for a long time now, as his interest and public interest convene. It's possible this'll be another example of that.

That said, he's way old, added to which, how many decades can you stand fielding the same old questions? I think this really is his final bow.
Shucks, just as I started to admire him!

And also he was in Seattle for Emerald City Con, and I didn't go see him. (In my defense, I would have if Felicia Day hadn't had to cancel.)
I get worried when actors say they are retiring... in case there's added reason for their retirement. Last time that happened, John Thaw soon passed away.:(

I do hope there's nothing more to that story.

That said, Sean Connery retired a few years back and has been kicking around for some time now.
I thought he was already retired anyway... From what I heard he hated all the hype & whatnot. They were suprised he was interested in doing the last Star Trek movie.

I know I probably wouldn't be able to put up with all the crazy fans if I was in his spot.

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