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Legions of Fire/Telepath War-Miniseries?



I just finished reading the Legions of Fire trilogy chronicling the Drakh occupation of Centauri Prime and Vir's resistance against the Drakh, as well as tying up dangling threads from "War Without End 1 & 2," "Call To Arms," "Crusade," and even "Sleeping In Light" and I think that it would be great if JMS, as well as all of the relevant cast members could do a miniseries based on the trilogy. The books, in my opinion, held very faithful to JMS's creation and I think that it would be incredibly enjoyable to watch as a T.V. miniseries or even a movie trilogy. What does everybody else think? Who also wants to see the Telepath War illustrated in a T.V. miniseries or movies?

The telepath war seems to be reserved solely for a feature film.

I loved the Centauri trilogy but it may be too much time to cover in a miniseries. There may be too much story to cover.

I would gladly take either though.

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I would love to see it even if it were an entire series in itself
The technomage trilogy would also be brilliant...

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