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legions of fire and the psi corps trilogy books for sale


I have these two hardcover books from del rey in excellent condition
I think I got them from the sfbc.
Read them once years ago and cleaning out stuff now.
don't know what to ask, say $20 delivered? to a us address
paypal or money order ok.
will email info.
Sisko, I'll take both if it's okay. I recently heard of a fan in Australia who lost all of her B5 novels in the flooding and is looking to replace them. I'll get them and send them to her.

If it's okay, PM me your PayPal email address.

Just to post a note that I've mailed off the full set of the trilogies plus the other two canon books to the Australian lady I mentioned upthread. She sends her gratitude and I do too, for helping make this easy for me.


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