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Legion of Fire Trilogy

Who says it is?

I went to amazon.com, searched for "Babylon 5" under BOOKS. About 100 responses came back. Two of the three books in the trilogy came on the first page, and on the second page was the third book --- as well as a hardcover that apparently is all three books combined into one (didnt know that existed).

Its out there and not exactly hiding. :)
I would imagine that Matthew was more thinking of buying a copy that wasn't either:

a used copy from a library with "some stickers" on it for $10
a used copy with a creased spine or bent corners for $40 to $60
a new copy for $75

when he says that it's "hard to find". He was probably thinking more along the lines of finding it new for a normal price like the other books.
Yeah, that's what I meant. Why the heck is a paperback selling for $40?!?

Did they have a small print run or something?
It is like the second book in the Techno-mage series. I picked up the other two for reasonable prices on Amazon but book 2 is really expensive. They currently have it listed on Amazon for $9 but then when I click to order it, it says the seller is no longer accepting that price for it. So, that leaves used copies selling for over $40.
I have been looking for a book called Usharak for over 20 years and all I get is it doesn't appear in our records :mad:
I did read it a few times,I know it's out there.
Sometimes books just run and hide :confused:

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