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Legend of the Rangers Ships spoilers


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I thought the new show was great. i do have a question though. I realise that the Rangers existed prior to B5 so it is logical taht they wouls have other ships. But I was kind of disappointed that the movie didnt show anything about the Whitestar ships. Arnt they currently the most advanced ships they have due the the combination of Minbari and Vorlon technolgy? I know they were building new ships but they still couldnt be more advanced. I wonder if they plan to have Whitestar ships in the new series if it comes out?

One factor that may have played a part outside the storyline is that WB lost all the computer models for the whitestars.

As part of the storyline I would not expect many whitestars to be hanging around Minbar anyway. Out of all the alliance races they are probably the most capable of defending their homeworld without the help of the Rangers. Sure you would expect some on routine Ranger business but I doubt any would be stationed there.

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We know from "Sleeping In Light" that the Rangers Continued to use the White Star design.
Sheridan's ship in SIL is even a smaller, one man version of a WS.

From Crusade, we also know that the Excalibur is supposed to be the Meaner "Big Brother" ship.
It looks very Different, but that is at least partialy dictated by the design of the Main guns.
That design may have been the best way to get the most Power out of the guns.
Or, the only way they have found to make them work at All, so far. They are still trying to figure out the Vorlon Tech, after all.

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According to other posts there were only ~150 White Stars made. About half of them were destroyed during the Shadow war leaving only about 80. Currently those 80 are off doing other Rangerly things.


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