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Legend of the Rangers in the U.K


Hi all,

Here in the U.K we've yet to see Legend of the Rangers on TV or video, HOWEVER - I recently found an austrailian website here selling the official aussie video release. The video is in PAL format so you'll have no problems watching it on a UK video player and TV. Also, at $20.95 Australian dollars including shipping to the U.K it works out at less than £9 - cheaper than buying most video's in the U.K! :D :D :D

The only downside is that you'll need to be patient as it took a couple of weeks to process my order and about a week and a half from dispatch to delivery. But hey,owning the Rangers VHS for less than £9 makes it worth the wait :)
The Legend of the Rangers is to be shown on sky movies 1 /or movie max 1 but it will be shown on the 20th july at 19.00 pm at long last has any one with R2 dvd of the 2nd season of babylon 5 had any prombles with disk 6 the episode plays ok but not the extras on disk one the exras play ok and all the episode play i have a proline 1000 dvd player if any one can help i would be most greatful

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