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Legend of the Rangers in Latin America


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The movie 'Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers' will premiere tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 29th 2003) on HBO Latin America (a.k.a. HBO Ole) at 8 p.m.

Other showings:

29/07/2003 20:00 HBO East
29/07/2003 22:00 HBO West
01/08/2003 14:15 HBO East
01/08/2003 16:15 HBO West
04/08/2003 01:15 HBO East
04/08/2003 03:15 HBO West
07/08/2003 07:45 HBO East
07/08/2003 09:45 HBO West
10/08/2003 16:30 HBO East
10/08/2003 18:30 HBO West
It wasn't that bad.

I liked the holographic weapons display, even if the acting there was a little too exagerated, lol.

It would have been interesting to see a sequel, either a TV show or another movie.

What I didn't like was the traitor, it was too convenient to have him there explaining everything about the bad guys. It was a lot like the Drakh(sp?) in Crusade.

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