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Legend of Korra


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So, there's going to be a spin-off of Avatar The Last Airbender called Legend of Korra. It'll focus on the titular character Korra, who is the avatar after Aang. We've known it was in production for a while, but some new news has come out over the past couple days.

One, it was originally stated that it was going to premier in November of 2011, but now it's being said that it won't be coming out until "next year".

Two, there's a new picture of Korra that's been released. (See the attachment.)

Third, some of the casting information has been released.

Janet Varney as KORRA
Kiernan Shipka as JINORA
Daniel Dae Kim as HIROSHI SATO
David Faustino as MAKO
Seychelle Gabriel as ASAMI
Lance Henriksen as LIEUTENANT
P.J. Byrne as BOLIN
JK Simmons as TENZIN


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They've been more specific about when "next year" that Korra will be coming out: "mid-2012".
Also, they've announced that in addition to the original 12 episodes that they've been working on so far, Nickelodeon has now ordered 14 more.
At Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend, there was a lot of new Legend of Korra stuff, including an hour long panel talking about the show. During the panel, they premiered a trailer for the show.

There are several versions on the net now. The official release is a bit messed up. Though it looks clearer than anything, it's sped up for some weird reason; it was not sped up during the playings of it at Comic-Con though, so who knows why it's sped up online. The visuals flash by a bit too fast, and the music sounds weird. Fans of Avatar The Last Airbender are very acquainted with the music used for the trailer, as it's the same music that was used for the two trailers for season 3 of ATLA. So, some industrious fans took the official release of the trailer and slowed it down to the speed it should be. Even though it's a bit more pixellated than the official release, having the speed corrected is the best way to view the trailer, I would say.

So, here it is in all its awesomeness.

Legend of Korra Official HD Trailer - Original Speed posted by WhiteLotusTile on YouTube
We now have a premier date!!

The first two episodes of The Legend Of Korra will be broadcast on Saturday, April 14 at 11:00 AM.

There are apparently a couple new trailers released alongside today's premier date announcement, but I haven't gone hunting for them yet. I'm super excited though. :D
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Nickelodeon, actually, Sindatur.

For those who are interested, here are two new Korra trailers that were released alongside the premier date announcement. The first one listed is a more proper trailer, whereas the second one, to me at least, seems a bit more like a tv advertisement. Both are available in a 720 resolution option in the relative menu.



It looks so good. The voice of the villain Amon sounds so wickedly villainous!
The titles of the first two episodes, which will air back-to-back on April 14, are "Welcome To Republic City" and "A Leaf In The Wind".

And from a Nick press release: "Xbox users will have the opportunity to download the first episode and trailer for free and purchase episodes from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The first The Legend of Korra episode will be available on VOD. In conjunction with the series premiere, Nick’s mobile channel NIMO, will have a live simulcast of the first two episodes."
I'm so excited! Tomorrow morning is the premier at 11 am (eastern).


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So, I watched the first two episodes. :D I will be watching them again when they come up on the west coast feed of Nickelodeon, and then again when they're shown again at 3pm on the east coast feed, and then again when that rebroadcast comes on the west coast feed. So all-in-all, I'll get to see both episodes four times today. Yay! :D
I picked up the First 3 Episodes off On Demand this last Saturday. It was a treat watching all 3 back to back, but, didn't catch Ep4 live and it's not up yet, probably Saturday, making On Demand a week behind.

Kinda glad I didn't catch the preview on the 'net (No working Speakers :( getting fixed this week, though :) )
and was able to catch 3 in a row at once. Really liking all the characters, David Faustino is doing a great job as Maco, I didn't even know it was him. This show seems to be aimed at the same audience who have grown a few years older, similar to the aging/maturing of the HP Books. The humor has matured mostly.

I was pleasantly surprised to see "Book 1: Air"(?) for the format, just like A:TLA.

I'm really iterested to see where this goes, and looking forward to a Marathon rewatch when the Season ends.
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Bit of triva, which you might already know: the character Mako is named for the actor Mako, who did the voice of Uncle Iroh in Avatar The Last Airbender for seasons one and two before dying of cancer.

I'm definitely enjoying Korra so far. This morning's new episode, "The Spirit Of Competition", had some hillarious moments in it, mostly involving Bolin. One thing about some of the humor both shows have had is that they commonly have something funny happening on screen but not be the focus of the particular shot or scene, so it ends up being just a layer of detail but still is really funny.
VL may already know this, but, it seems Korra has been awarded 26 more episodes, so, it's getting 52 in all now.

Book 2: is already written and the voice work is done, they're working on the animation now.
Yup, I read about the aditional episodes a couple days ago. Lots of yay from me!

I enjoyed the finale of Book 1, though I do wish there had been some addressing the validity of the bigger argument that the Equalists were making. So I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of the Equalists because they really kind of are right, benders do seem to exclusively have power over the city government.
Yup, I read about the additional episodes a couple days ago. Lots of yay from me!

I enjoyed the finale of Book 1, though I do wish there had been some addressing the validity of the bigger argument that the Equalists were making. So I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of the Equalists because they really kind of are right, benders do seem to exclusively have power over the city government.
Yea, the Finale was pretty awesome (And actually, On Demand fell from a week behind to 3 weeks behind, and then posted all 3 of the final episodes on the same Monday after the finale aired. So, although I had to wait 2 weeks since the last episode I saw, it was like 1 1/2 hour finale.

I agree, I hope they do push further with the Equalists' legitimate points. I'm not thinking the Equalists are gone, by a long shot, and I'm not even sure both blood bending brothers were killed in the boat

So how do you think they'll break the episodes out? 2 20 episode seasons? (I didn't see that detail in what I read)
Bryan Konietzko said on his Tumblr that Nick is looking at the total 52 as being two seasons or some such because of better being able to sell the show overseas in 26 episode chunks, but that he and the production crew are looking at it all as four books. Book 1 as the 12 episodes we've had so far, Book 2 will be the next 14, and then Book 3 and Book 4 will be 13 episodes each.

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