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Here's JMS' latest post--enjoy!

It's taken longer than hoped for to be able to talk about this, because it's
taken longer than hoped for to go through all the machinations of the deal.
Depending on the nature of a given deal, it can take a few weeks to a couple,
three months to actually cut the deal and finalize the language in terms
everybody can agree with. We only literally finished the deal last week.

Writing on B5:TMoS is complete, and as soon as the powers that be sign off on
everything, it can be turned in and we can start moving. At that point, I can
say more about this.

Figure another couple of weeks.


Hi everybody, I've been a long-time visitor to this board, but have never posted here. I couldn't let this one pass, though, without making a peep. (or eep?!?!)

Sincerely, SammyJ
Uh, just what the heck is B5: TMoS????

B5 : The Mars O... Story?, B5 : The Master of S...? B5 : The Memories of Sheridan? Oh that's a lamo, what else let me see... The Minbar of something something.... I give up... HELP !!! WHAT IS IT??? :rolleyes:
:confused: :confused: :confused:


I do not want to be unpolite, but where did you find this information? JMS did not post anything regarding this matter at his web page so far. Please inform your source.

I have same question....What is TMoS? Is suppose to be a Theater feature film?

Take care,

I guess this is our new game for the week (or two). Trying to guess the initials TMoS. JMS did that on purpose damn him. :p

TMoS: The Mercilessness of Sheridan? :devil:
I agree. Here list the of names I collected so far from usenet group.

The Memories of Sheridan
The Master of Shadows
The Minbari of Steel
The Mollari of Spoo
The Meatballs of Swedes
The Mutation of Sinclair
The Marriages of Sheridan
The Meaninglessness of Speculation
The Mind of Straczynski
Triluminary-Modified operating System
The Mother of Sheridan
Too Many odd Suggestions

Enjoy! :cool:
Too Many Outrageous Surnames
Top Man of Space
That Meal of Spoo
Tremendous Mountains of Spoo
The Meaning of Spoo
Teetotal Marcus on Stilts


er, I think I'll stop now.

I have to admit to feeling fairly skeptical about this one, as I haven't seen anything acout it anywhere else - certainly no sign of it in the Moderated Newsgroup (although I haven't checked today yet).

Sounds interesting certainly, but it would be useful to know the original source of the post.
Hmmm, seems legit, as far as I know of such things...

My guess? The Memory of Shadows. But we must wait and see, I suppose...

Perhaps the Infalliable Joe will shed some light on this matter.
The Movement of Shadows? Maybe this is the story of G'Quon in the Shadow War 1,000yrs ago. I remember reading a comment that jms made some time ago that he may one day tell the story of G'Guon.
Just found it...

> Since you already have the story of how G'Quon defeated the
> shadows figured out, would you consider simply posting the story
> on the internet?

I think I'd rather hold it for now, on the chance that I can use
it somewhere, or in time turn it into something larger.


Techno-Mages of Soom
The Measure of Shadows
The Mission of Sinclair

...but the one I like the best is...

The Meaninglessness of Speculation
This was my reply to JMS's message on the newsgroup:

You call this an UPDATE?
You sick, twisted, sadistic sonnuvabitch. <g>
Where is the NBS when we *really* need them?

The NBS is, of course, the Narn Bat Squad. :)

Not only did the SOB give us a set of initials to torture ourselves with, he also carefully avoided saying if this is a movie, TV movie, mini-series, computer game or feature film.



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