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Last Comic Standing


Was anyone watching this? I was totally into it.

If so, are you as pissed off as I am that Dat Phan won? Ugh.
The fix had to be in on this show... say what you will about Ralphie May, the guy was simply funnier than Dat Phan... he had more material, better material and funnier material. I guess the result shouldn't come as a surprise since they were really just picking someone to be in a sitcom -- not the funniest comic. Unfortunately, there's really no way you can put Ralphie into a sitcom -- I mean I can barely buy into the fact that those overweight ugly guys on CBS are somehow married to the hottest chicks on Earth.
Dat Phan won?!? I wasn't able to watch or tape the last episode, but now I'm almost glad I didn't see it. It might have just ticked me off.

I have to admit, Dat was funnier than expected when he went against Dave Mordal, but Dave was still funnier. Dat was also funnier than Geoff, but only because Geoff wasn't that funny.

However, in the final five showdown, Dat had the worst material and worst delivery. I would have liked for Dave Mordal to win the whole thing, but since he was taken out early, Ralphie deserved it most.
I like Dat Phan because he is from Santee, CA. like I am, but I have to admit that Dave was better. Still, Santee won! Yesss! :D

P10, I wouldn't run to the conspiracy theory. It's more believable to me that the public just have bad taste.

I think Dat won because people felt sorry for him; everyone else in the house picked on him and he did have to go up against two comics (while Tess and Voss didn't go head-to-head at all).

Dave Mordal is going to be on Tough Crowd tomorrow night, a show I already watch, so it should be cool. He was definitely the funniest dude on the show.

Also, I think I'm going to hell because I want to beat the crap out of that cancer cowboy dude.
The only thing that cowboy dude did was bitch about all the smoking going on, which makes you wonder if he's even been inside a comedy club ... smoke pretty much comes with the territory.

But I agree with you... people probably just felt sorry for Dat Phan. Jeez, I would've picked on him too if I was in that house... I mean the dude made charts and graphs of his comedy routine. In any case, I do think Dat was funnier than Tess (who should have been one of the first comics to go).

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