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KUng Fu Sheriffs of B5

Jade Jaguar

I've been watching my second season set of the Kung Fu TV show from the 70s. In an ep called "The Hoots," I recognized the voice of the mustachioed, bespectacled sheriff, if not the younger face, and sure enough, it was Rance Howard, aka David Sheridan, John Sheridan's dad.

Then, just a couple of eps later, Robert Foxworth was in the opening credits of "Empty Pages of a Dead Book," playing the son of a dead Texas Ranger, out to settle old scores for his dead dad. He didn't look too much like General Hague!
Ah......the treasure of the classic series........I don't have season 2 YET......but on a non B5 note I think I read that Harrison Ford even shows up in one of the season 2 episodes........ :)
Indeed he does. Jodie Foster was in season 1, I think. Diana Muldaur, who replaced Beverly Crusher for a season on STNG, is the female lead for one ep, looking better than she ever did before, or since. There are a fair number of older, well-known movie actors as well, including Howard Duff and Ruth Roman, in one ep. If I spot any more B5ers, I'll add them in this thread.
My mother was watching a movie the other day with Rance Howard in it, and I told her that he played Sheridan's dad on B5. :D

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