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Kosh's Name...


Kosh\'s Name...

I read somewhere that Kosh's name was supposed to be an acronym for something, and that his last name is an anagram of the word acronym. I thought that they just made up a last name for him for the ISN show as it's never mentioned in any other episode I know of.

For that matter, could the same apply to Ulkesh (even though his name is never mentioned, except in "To Dream...")?

Anyone know anything about this?
Re: Kosh\'s Name...

I have never heard this, and seriously doubt it. JMS's mind just does not tend towards things like acronyms. As for the names, while only one was used on-air, both had been revealed long before by JMS to the on-line community. Nor do they have "last names" was we would understand them. "Naranek" (as in Kosh Naranek and Ulkesh Naranek) was more of a title, or an honorific, than a name.


Re: Kosh\'s Name...

Don't really know his real name unless it is Kosh but as for Naranek could mean ambassador or something similar.
Re: Kosh\'s Name...

That whole naranek thing confused me. The only time we really heard naranek used was when that lady tried to interview him...

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