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KoshN's eBay Stuff (B5, TNG, etc.)


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KoshN\'s eBay Stuff (B5, TNG, etc.)

KoshN's eBay

Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game

Babylon 5 Cookbook

Star Trek - The Next Generation Writers Guide

Star Trek - The Next Generation Tech Manual

I'll be putting some more stuff up there as well, some B5 Skybox cards (gotta make a list), and some B5 mugs (my extras, which will still leave me with four):

<ul type="square">
[*] (1) Babylon 5 in gold tone metallic, and the stylized "5" in gold on the other side.
[*] (2) Babylon in blue print with a white outline, with the "5" in chrome metallic, same on both sides.
[*] (1) Babylon in white print, with the "5" in silver, and "Our Last Best Hope." in red on the other side. Microwaveable.

I'm also going to put my big, X-Files mug up (the one with the metallic, stylized "X" the The X-Files fhrough it, and "the truth is out there" in white on the other side.

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