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Kosh Naranek and Ulkesh Naranek


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KoshFan's Re: WB cancels Angel [Re: Shism] #236994 - 02/21/04 04:01 PM in Other TV-related forums >> Non-B5 books, TV & films...

... the fact that the second Vorlon ambassador to Babylon 5 was named Ulkesh, not Kosh as he implied, and for about the same reason.

I never really gave this much thought before, but is it possible that there was a lot of truth in what Ulkesh said ("We are all Kosh.")?

We have :
Kosh Naranek
Ulkesh Naranek

Now "Naranek" was supposedly a title of some sort. Naranek = Ambassador? Liason?

As for "We are all Kosh." .... Could "Kosh" be a family name (surname)? It always seemed to me that "Kosh Naranek" was the elder, higher ranking of the two Vorlons. Is it possible that "Kosh Naranek" was either the head of the family (oldest surviving menber), and Ulkesh was a descendent (with "Ulkesh" being a given name)?

If Kosh Naranek was the oldest surviving member of the family, that could be a reason why the Vorlons took his death so hard, and why Kosh Naranek was able to get a Vorlon fleet sent out to attack the Shadow fleet in “Interludes and Examinations.”
The organizational structure of the Vorlon Empire is something that I've always wondered about but feel like we know nothing of. And after reading jms's comment about how he knows how it's organized but can't really explain it makes me want to know how it all works even moreso!
I was pretty sure "we are all kosh" was more to do with some kind of sharec consciousness, possibly somewhat like kosh and sheridan were linked.
A selection of JMS comments on this topic, from over the years:


Tom Knudsen <72347.1626@compuserve.com> asks: Since Kosh and Ulkesh seem to have the authority to dictate Vorlon policy from what you've said, can we assume that they were near the top of the Vorlon heirarchy (whatever THAT may be)?

It's not a hierarchy as you or I would understand it...and the weird thing is, though I kinda know how it functions, I'll be damned if I can figure out how to explain it in words. -- jms


(In reply to a question about "We are all Kosh" which was not archived)

He means that in a Vorlon-philosophical sense. It's hard to explain. They just aren't wired up like you and me. -- jms


There's a lot more to be said of the story of Kosh, and the Vorlons in general...and part of me says explain it later...and another part says that if you explain mysteries too much, it destroys them. -- jms


(And a personal favorite, although not directly on topic):

>But okay, let's say I completely accept your argument, which I don't.


But it's my show, so I win. -- jms





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