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Kosh Lines Written By Us


So let's have some fun now.If you could write only few lines spoken by Kosh what would they be.Here's my idea:

Ivanova:Ambassador Kosh, a maintenance guy disappeared in Bay 13.Do you know something about it.

Kosh:The fire burns the one who does not fear it.

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Re: Possilble Kosh Lines Written By Us

And another one:

Sheridan:Ambassador, there will be a meeting in the Council Chamber.Are you going to come.

Kosh:When the bees gather in the hive the the only thing they make is noise.

Re: Possilble Kosh Lines Written By Us

Or on a sillier note:

B5 sandwich shop owner: "What do you want?"
Kosh: "Never ask that question again!"
B5 sandwich shop owner: "But I have to find out what kind of sandwich you want."
Kosh: "Disobedient!"
B5 sandwich shop owner:"Look man, order something or leave."
Kosh: "Incorrect" *zaps sandwich guy*
Colonel Ari Ben Zayn from "Eyes" to Kosh:"You Vorlons have been trouble ever since you arrived."

Kosh:"Don't trouble the trouble until the trouble troubles you"

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An ISN Reporter ":Ambassador Kosh, can you tell us why the expeditions sent to Vorlon space never return?"

Kosh: "Do you go to visit someone uninvited?"

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That was a good one Garovorkin.Here's another one from me:

Londo in Kosh's quarters.

Londo:Ambassador, on behalf of the Great Centauri Republic I would like to offer you a great deal of money for the chance to have a look inside your ship.

Kosh:Money is irrelevant.

Londo:Come on.There should be something that I can offer you.I have a great influence.

Kosh:You don't have inluence on your dark soul.

Londo(angry):I'm tired of your little games, ambassador.One day we will have this technology and we will rule this whole quadrant again.

Kosh:You are dying people.We should let you pass.

Truth seeker your cool Kosh sayings and definitely great lines of Dialogue on your part, keep em coming.

Here one Kosh on Hollywood Celebrities

They are blinded by the light of their self perceptions yet seek to lead others to enlightenment.
Yours are also very good Garovorkin.Thanks.Here is one that's not so serious:

A meeting in the Council Chamber:

Delenn:"Valen said:The greatest enemy is the one you do not know"

Kosh:"Did he? I don't remember him saying that."

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Okay here's a more serious one

Kosh to Sherriden on mortality

Enjoy the light while it is yours.

I think of all the B5 character I loved him best of all, it was rough watching him die.:(

I do like this thread of your is more relaxing then mine, to bad on BSG vs B5 got closed, but thats the way it is, things got out of hand. Im going to have hard time equaling that one. but we'll see.

Bester and Kosh pass each other in the hallway.Bester turns around and tries to scan Kosh.Kosh turns around and pushes Bester so hard that he falls on the floor.

Kosh:"Never try that again.Your arrogance will finish you."

Garibaldi passes through the Zocalo.He looks at a man drinking whiskey at the bar and he thinks to himself:"What if I have just a small glass of scotch"Suddenly he turnes around and sees Kosh behind him.

Garibaldi:"Good morning, ambassador.Do you need something?"

Kosh: "Peace of mind never comes from the pleasures of the body."

Dr.Franklin visits Kosh:

Franklin:Ambassador, I need to know some basic things about your physiology in case of an emergency.Blood samples,DNA and things like that.We must be able to heal you effectively if something happens to you.


Franklin: Don't worry.Everything will be classified.You can count on me.

Kosh:But can YOU count on yourself.(Kosh projects into Franklin's mind a scene when he's taking stims.)

Franklin:I see you have an answer to everything, ambassador I just wanted to tell you that you take a big risk by not giving me that information.

Kosh:Existence means risk.

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Sinclair goes to Kosh's quarters before leaving for Minbar at the end of 2258.

Sinclair:Ambassador Kosh, I came to tell you that I was reassigned as an ambassador to Minbar.I will probably not see you again so I want to tell you that it was a pleasure for me to work with you.

Kosh:You will see me when you find your true self.

G'Kar in Kosh's quarters after the Narn-Centauri war began.

G'Kar:"Everyone knows that the Vorlons are very powerful.If you just send few ships to support our fleet the Centauri will surely retreat."


G'Kar:"How can you allow the Centauri to do all of this."

Kosh:"Protection must be gained not given.Defending the weak will destroy them."

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2258.Delenn in Kosh's quarters.

Delenn: "Kosh,are you sure about the humans?I'm beginning to have doubts about them."

Kosh: "They are the essence of the alloy."

Ivanova meets Kosh in the hallway:

Ivanova: "Good afternoon, ambassador."

Kosh: "Do you know the secrets of your soul." (telepathic abilities)

Ivanova: "I'm not sure.Why?"

Kosh: "Do not resist the song when you hear it."

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Vir is walking nervously through the Zocalo and he's thinking to himself:

"I don't want to know the things I know.I don't want to do the things I do.There's no way out of this bottomless pit."

Suddenly he sees Kosh in front of him.

Kosh:"Do not drift with the current of the river.Float against it."

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2259 after the end of the Narn-Centauri war.Lord Refa is waiting for Londo in the casino.He's having a drink and he's thinking to himself:

"It was a good idea to use the mass drivers on the Narn homeworld.Their cities are destroyed and they will need decades to rebuild them."

When he turnes around he sees Kosh in front of him.

Kosh:"Your people are the weed in the garden.Your time will be over."

Lord Refa:"Who are you?What do you mean?Our glorious days are just starting."

Kosh: "But your long night is coming soon."