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Koenig (Bester) Revisits Chekov



As reported in March, STAR TREK actor Walter Koenig will reprise his role as 'Pavel Chekov' in the upcoming third episode of the online series STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES, a fan-made continuation of Captain Kirk's initial five year mission. The episode, titled To Serve All My Days, will be written by TOS writer D.C. Fontana.

In the story, the younger 'Chekov' is suddenly aged and has to deal with living out his twilight years.

"I am really doing it for the fun of it," Koenig told Canada's CBC Network.

Playing Chekov one more time is appealing to Koenig because he is giving the character to a satisfying storyline. He has "been known to weep and moan and carry on about how the character was never fully developed."

"This concept is very close to my heart," he said of the plot for "To Serve All My Days." "It's close to where I am in my life." Koenig praises the fact that fan favorite TOS writer Fontana is penning the script.

"To Serve All My Days" is scheduled to film in September and will likely be released in January.

This is huge news. If Koenig (Bester) is willing to reprise his role as Chekov, then it opens the door for other former cast members, and not just the main crew, and it gives huge credibility to these New Voyages.

If I had a better connection, I'd definitely look into these first couple episodes. The real root of Star Trek, and the heart and soul of the Roddenberry Concept. B&B never had it this good.

Rommie :devil:
What would be the motivation of others to do the same? I mean, most are probably not getting so much work they'd be inclined to do a project for free, right? I just think it's too bad he can't get paid for it.
Wow, thanks for sharing the site, it was really cool to watch the first show. The production is very good and I read it only cost about $15,000 an eposide. Could you ever see B5 moving to broadband internet in the future?

Thanks again for the link, can wait till January to see Walter Koenig reprise his role, and it said the eposide 4 is going to have some writers from DS9.

Thanks Cerberus

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