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Koenig at CoastCon


CoastCon salutes a Trekker (THE SUN HERALD)

Koenig, 68, who lives in Los Angeles, will be the Media Guest Of Honor at CoastCon 28, a 24-hour a day science fiction and fantasy convention held at the President Broadwater Tower that begins at noon Friday and draws to a close at 3 p.m. Sunday.

His most rewarding television acting experience, said Koenig, was his recurring role on "Babylon 5."

"Because the character I played was a dimensional character with a lot of complexity. And I just thought it was a joy to go to work on that series because the character was integral to the plot. He was pivotal to the storyline, and the role offered some challenges that were exciting."
That is really good to hear him say. Thanks for sharing that, Flounder.

By a wild coincidence I just recently watched the Futurama episode that had the Star Trek cast (or most of them) in it. I laughed when they got to the line about what everyone did after Star Trek (TOS) ended.

"And Walter became an actor." or something like that.


Indeed, Bester is always one of my favorites. I liked every episode he was in. :cool:
If they quoted him correctly, he should have said "more dimensional" or "with more dimensions"... 1-dimensional is still dimensional. ;) I think we know what he really meant though.

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