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Knight Rider

You can't appreciate how badly I wanted to have one of those red back-and-forth flashing lights on my car when I grew up. Luckily by the time I did turn 16, that phase had passed.
Yea the show doesnt really hold up to todays standards

There are standards today?

This may cause a danger of creating a huge thread-tangent, but I don't think the Prisoner was intended for 6 episodes specifically and that the other 11 were "forced" upon them. The number of eps changed a few times until they finally settled on 17. There is only one episode, "The Girl Who Was Death," that doesn't really fit the feel or story of the series.
Not to change the subjuct (who really cares anything is better than knight rider)

How good is the prisoner cause i've seen the dvds in a few places and was wondering if i should get it. Did the simpsons spoof it when Homer began a web page in which he started making stuff up and they take him to an island where everyone has a number?
It sounds like a Prisonere spoof, yes.

Some people like and some hate the show. I liked it, I think it would be worth the money to get. It is a little bit "out there" for some people. Particularly at the end.
I don't think the Prisoner was intended for 6 episodes specifically and that the other 11 were "forced"

I did say for people to correct me.

I have not seen the whole Prisoner series and I am referencing an old article I read once. I may well dig it out to remind myself what it actually said. I may be well off.
The final episode of "The Prisoner" was like a bad acid trip. When it was over, you still don't know what the hell happened.
I have heard some people describe what they see as the meaning to the final show. I think Joe D put it best (I think it was Joe D) when he said basically it was meant to be an abstract ending.

It is highly symbolic, I've been told, but some people have offered their ideas on what it all really meant. I don't want to say here, since that would be major spoilage. And right before someone might go out and buy it.
Well, it was definitely an abstraction, that much is obvious. The basic meaning of the symbolism is also generally understood. It is the details that confuse and divide people- ie, did #6 really escape, was he really "just a prisoner," etc.
The Prisoner DVD's are pretty good but relatively expensive. I got the first two volumes, but that was before whole seasons of TV shows were being released on DVD, so each set of 3 or 4 episodes was around $40. Now for 1.5 to 2.0 times that, you can get 22 to 26 episodes of more recent shows. Now that I'm buying seasons of Buffy and plan to buy seasons of B5, purchasing the rest of The Prisoner is on my back burner.

Anyway, I haven't seen the last episode that everyone's describing, but I did happen to see a graphic novel that told the story of Number Six several decades after the final episode. I only skimmed thru it, but even it looked a little abstract.

I've seen some rumors on the internet that they might do a feature film of The Prisoner, but the general concensus from fans seems to be that it won't be the same without using the same site as the original (I think Portmeiron, Wales--pretty positive I'm spelling that wrong and maybe even leaving out a syllable).
Damn you all!

Lets get this back on topic.

Ok, Knight Rider. Question of the day:

Who is hotter? Bonnie or April?
The entire series of The Prisoner is sold in one box, which should be cheaper than buying all the "volumes." They are exactly the same DVDs. A&E sells most, if not all of their TV shows both ways.

Edit: to be somewhat related to the original topic of this thread, the inside of the jewel case of a CD I just got, called "Rhythm Buddies," features a picture of Michael Knight and Gary Coleman standing in front of Kit with big doofy smiles. It's so cute.
Upon closer inspection, it appears the duo do indeed display the "thumbs up." It was a bit hidden by the CD hub.

This is why I love the internet. I describe some goofy picture with Gary Coleman, and immediately someone reports as a secondary witness to its existence. Beautiful.