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Kingdom Hospital


It's almost time for Stephen King's first stab at his own TV series, Kingdom Hospital. Starting Wednesday 3/3, ABC airs the first installment of 15 hours worth of heebie jeebies. King himself refers to it as "a cross between ER and The Shining."

It's based on Lars von Trier's European miniseries The Kingdom, but will undoubtedly reflect King's warped sense of vision. He's also added a character that begins to experience "ghostly visions while stuck in a hospital bed after being hit and nearly killed by a van". Supposedly, the character is based on King himself, who had a near-death experience under those same circumstances.

I've always been a big Stephen King fan and have enjoyed many of his books and movies (with the notable exceptions of "Maximum Overdrive" and the remake of "The Shining"). "The Stand" was probably my favourite miniseries of all time. I can't wait for this show. Now my VCR will be good for something other than giving my DVD player something to sit on.
I'm just glad he finished the Dark Tower series before croaking. I don't know if I'm going to tune into this or not, probably will depend on how much free time I've got.
The books are written and the last two will be released later this year I believe. Their may be some editing left to do but if King crokes this weekend the books will still come out with the story complete.
What it means is that King said he wanted to finish the books, since he started the first one back in the late 70's. He's had so many people ask him to finish, it was just something he wanted to take care of, just in case.
Getting run down by minivan scum can make one aware of their own mortality quite quickly.

On a side note muttering minivan scum to yourself while driving can lessen the impact of the inexplicable driving of these menaces.