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King Arthur: the movie


Just been to see this. Not bad, but not good either.

The story is minimal and is a standard one we've probably all seen before. Take out the Arthurian names and it would have fared well as a story about any old Roman officer.

The acting of Arthur was very flat unfortunately, but the battles were good. (I want a sword!)

The one bit that really grates is the fact that although the Romans built Hadrians wall to keep out the northerners, they let one of their high ranking families set up a villa in the middle of enemy territory :confused:

I'll let the rest of you discuss the finer points. It wasn't a bad way to spend two hours, but I'm not in a rush to see it again.
I agree that this movie wasn't outstanding or horrible either. It wasn't done in the typical way that we've all come to know the King Arthur legend. It did have some nice battle sequences, the iced over lake scene being pretty cool, but the dialogue itself seemed bland and they tried to be too funny at times.

This was actually the only movie that I can remember getting up and going to the bathroom, and I didn't really have to go. I've seen some pretty bad movies in the theater too, but I just wasn't into this one.

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