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Kevin Smith to do The Green Hornet


Kevin Smith is not only directing it but writing it as well. I don't know the first thing about the Green Hornet, actually thought it was the Green Lantern at first, but oh well.

The Green Hornet
Yeah, Kevin Smith is a total comic book freak. They're in almost all of his movies - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back almost felt like one. It'll be interesting to see what he does with it.

Didn't he write a script for a Superman movie or something?

He also said that he was making an animated Clerks movie sometime this year (actually, his filmography credits on the J+SB DVD have it listed as LAST year). I really wished they would have kept making the cartoon. Who would have thought to do a clip show in the second episode? Pure genius.

I can't say I'm all that excited about Jersey Girl , though. Jen and Ben. Yuck.

I hope he doesn't make Affleck the Green Hornet.
Didn't he write a script for a Superman movie or something?

He was slated to work on it but that fell through. To get his colorful take on the situation, check out the double DVD of his college speaking tour, where he describes his encounters with the producer in detail.
As a speaker, he is often more entertaining than his films.

Don't know if you were being facetious, Green Lantern and Green Hornet are two totally different dudes. One has superpowers, the other has Bruce Lee.
I was never all that into comic books, for the most part. I'm one of those people thinks of The Green Hornet more in terms of the 1960's TV show than comics.

I would hope that Smith would at least occassionally use some of the old theme music. It was a classic. QT certainly used it to good effect in a scene of Kill Bill.

I don't know that Affleck would be a horrible choice. He does look the part, if nothing else.

Any odds on casting Jet Li in Bruce Lee's old slot as Kato?
I've watched the 2 disc college tour and some of the part were pretty hilarious as he describes his career. I've enjoyed his movies because they made me laugh my ass off. His comics have been pretty good as well. He did good work on DC's Green Arrow and did some mini's for Amazing Spiderman.
The Green Hornet was a radio show in the 40's about crusading newspaper man Britt Reid, who alos fought crime as the Green Hornet, though he was thought by the police to be a criminal.He was assisted by his servant (this was created in the 40's, people) Kato. It was strongly implied, by his last name, that the Green Hornet was a decendant of the Lone Ranger, which made sense since both shows were created and broadcast on the same radio network.

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