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Keen Eddie


Beyond the rim
Keen Eddie started tonight. At first I planned not to watch it, but it was a nice supprise. I liked it quite a bit. What do you all think of it?
Bugger, I knew I forgot to watch something that looked somewhat interesting. what channel is it on?
Oh, it was great fun. My thoughts in no particular order:
- Ack! Never, never, ever trust pouty brunettes in slinky black dresses wearing do-me slingbacks :rolleyes:
- Fortune cookie -> very clever
- Doggy! :LOL:
- blipverts & muzak -> stylin'
- "Your dog is using my cat as a shag toy!" :LOL: :LOL:

Better enjoy 'fore Fox discovers it's too enjoyable and kills it.
Yes and, "What, you don't believe me?" "No, I believe you. I just hoped he had quit" :LOL:

I liked the music too! :D