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Katsulas boards Enterprise on Wednesday

Guess he has to pay the bills somehow... :p

Good to see him working, though I wish it was as a continuing role as G'Kar in Legend of the Rangers.

The other week, I was watching an old ST:TNG with Andreas as a Romulan. He's a pro, one of the best I've seen at acting through make-up. However, I note considerably more of his face is showing than ususal. :)
Just saw the Enterprise teaser. It was an audio-only message from the captain of the other ship (Andreas). What a tease! Now, I expect to see a certain Narn. :LOL:
I watched this ep tonight, and it was kinda interesting to see Andreas act without his G'Kar make-up. :D
The second i heard that familiar voice i knew i would enjoy this episode. The parts of the show with Archer and Katsulas were great. The other plot was ok

(I like how it ended up dying).
I enjoyed Andreas, but nothing special there about his character. It was good to see him though. The rest of the ep was loathesome. Bleh.
Agreed on all counts. It was great to see Andreas, _fabulous_ to see his face, and a colossal and pitiful waste of his talent to have him merely spouting navigational instructions and Treknobabble. Pah! And yes, the rest of the episode was loathesome, as well as preachy and manipulative. Par for the course, with Trek!

Anybody else wondering why Trip gets so much more, and better quality airtime than Archer? Bakula is the competent actor in the bunch, not Trinneer! I'm getting sick of him getting the best bits of nearly every episode.

Aisling (AnlaShokGrey)
I think that Trip get's some time because they are trying to make him the male hottie. Also, he's portrayed as the most "down home" character on the show, so he's allowed to make the mistakes that Archer cannot.

Pity, that.

On a side note...1 post a year is quite a statistic, Aisling. ;)
The other plot was ok

The other plot was a prime example of how the Star Trek franchise has run out of ideas. If they're going to recycle a plot (in this case, TNG's "The Outcast"), they could at least pick a good one.

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