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Katherine Janeway becomes Katharine Hepburn

It's funny, but if you watch that John Wayne movie "Rooster Cogburn" that has Katharine Hepburn in it, Kate Mulgrew DOES seem a lot like her.
I always got the feeling that she was doing a Hepburn impression, even on Voyager.

It's funny, I saw her do an interview with Pat Sajak (for some reason) and she always pretended not to know the answers to the Star Trek questions. It's hard to conceive an actor knowing so little about a role she played for seven years. I guess she's too cool for that.
Other than Voyager and Nemesis, the only other thing I've ever seen Mulgrew in was a couple episodes of Cheers. It would be interesting to see her do Hepburn though.
Not surprising at all. As an actor. Mulgrew would only care about the motivations and emotional state of the character, not about Cardassian politics.

Most of the Trek actors were never really into Trek.
Actually, there were a couple of times in watching VOY where she reminded me of Capt. Kirk. :D

I thought Capt. Janeway was pretty cool and had a good sense of humor. Very good presence, too.

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