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Just a quick FYI type update on B5Scrolls

Triple F

I discovered a few months back that B5Scrolls had changed address. Apparently the guys hosting it changed ISP which meant a slight change in the URL which they forgot to tell me about.

The new address is

So on the off chance anyone here had it book marked and wondered where it wandered of to, know you know. ;-)

On hearing about the change of address I decided to add some of the missing content before ‘spaming’ other forums with this message (sorry – I don’t know of any other way of letting people know about the changes).

The site has now got some concept art for The Lost Tales and a hybrid Shadow / Human Starfury in the miscellaneous bit. As well as a new interview with Jack Nichols who worked on the abandoned Sierra Space Sim based on B5. That game sounded depressingly good by the way.

I’ve shaved off 200K from the loading sequence so the site should load a little quicker. Plus, I’ve coded in the ability to link directly to individual pages. A BIG omission from the earlier version.


That link is (hopefully ;-) to the LOTR version of the Valen. You may notice it looks a bit different. I tried reformatting things a little so hopefully they’re a bit more readable. The screens ‘behind’ the mode button in the ships section is a little empty right now because I’m working on hopefully adding something in there that model builders might find . . . . nice.

There’s more to be included. But that won’t be for a while. That’s it. Just a FYI type thing and sorry (again) for only posting on here to point at the site.


Forgot to mention. If the URL ever changes again check out the wikipedia articles for something liket the Starfury, Omega Destroyer or Hyperion. They now contain links to B5scrolls and will be updated if things change.

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